Mob breaks into police unit, kills suspect

An angry mob around Kabwazi trading centre in Dedza on Wednesday broke into a police unit, dragged a suspected robber out of the unit and killed him.

According to Dedza police spokesperson sub-inspector Edward Kabango, the suspect hired a motorcycle to take him to Kafere which is across Dzalanyama forest reserve.

“The motorcyclist smelled a rat when the suspect kept changing directions.

“The motorcycle taxi operator then told the man that he was running out of fuel and he alerted his friends who started chasing the man,” Kabango said.

The suspect was later arrested and taken to Kabwazi police unit but members of the community rushed to the station and demanded that he be released to them.

The mob then took the man and beat him to death.

According to Kabango, the incident has happened two weeks after another man who hired a motorcycle taxi operator stole the bike and injured the motorcycle operator.

Meanwhile, police are urging members of the public to refrain from killing suspects as it is an offence and it defeats justice.




  1. Mwamuchita bwino kwambiri koma chenjezo limodzi, osamadikira amangidwe kaye, kuponyedwa mu cell kenako nkumapita ku Policeko kuwapempha a Police kuti amutulutse kuti inu muthane naye, zimenezo ayii, ngati wagwidwa, asanafike ku Policeko thana nayeni a Police adzangotenga mtembo basi

  2. This is the second time for this police unit to be broken, last year it was also broken, I think this police unit should be closed, people from that Area are not happy with the development of having a police unit!

  3. Kwanthu ukoo Khress Lyson Du Dha Kelifat M Banda Charles Matope Jastain Chunga Bruce Lyson Maxwell Mbendera Austin Steven Izzie Simao Zagwa Kaudzu Alexander Matope Edwin Mkukumira Bandah Limban Banda

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