Rapist gets 10 years in prison


A 31 year old man in Mulanje district has been sentenced to 10 years behind bars for raping a 13 year old girl.

The court heard that the victim on 29th December last year went to fetch for firewood in a nearby mountain and while there the convict, Edison Chimowa, grabbed her.

CourtHe then pushed her to the ground and forced himself on her.

The girl shouted for help but when people were reaching at the scene Chimowa had already escaped.

After reaching home, the victim narrated everything to her parents who later reported the matter to the Police.

Law enforcers launched a manhunt for the offender and on Tuesday 16th January he was apprehended and charged with an offence of defilement which is contrary to section 138 of the Malawi penal code.

Appearing before the First Grade Magistrate Smart Maruwasa, the convict pleaded not guilty which led the state through its prosecutor Sub Inspector Fumbo to parade some witnesses who testified against Chimowa.

After getting all the evidences, Maruwasa found Chimowa guilty and convicted him. Then the state asked for a stiff punishment for the convict so as to deter other would be offenders.

Maruwasa sentenced the convict to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour (IHL).

Chimowa hails from Mbewa Village in the area of senior chief Mabuka in the district.

Meanwhile the Police through their publicist in the district Gresham Ngwira, have advised the general public that it is responsibility of everyone to protect the girl child not to be abused in anyway.



  1. Nyimbo injatu imeneyo ndikuchita rape yayamba kugwila zitchito zake aaaa komabe agaluwa sakuvala bwino amakhala,kuti akambilana akasephana nkhani za ndalama amati wandigwilila komabe tamasungani kaye

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