Father rapes 13-year-old biological daughter

Rape Malawi

Police in Kasungu are keeping in custody a 69-year-old man for forcing himself on his 13-year-old daughter on several occasions over a period of seven months.

The suspect Samson Chimango was arrested on Monday in the district.

Rape MalawiAccording to Kasungu Police Public Relations Officer Edna Mzingwitsa, the father had been sexually abusing the daughter since July, 2017.

Mzingwitsa said the abuse started when the man’s mother went to attend a funeral at a nearby village.

The rapist warned the victim not to report to anyone or he will strangle her. Since then it became a routine that every time the wife was away he would rape the young girl.

“On new year’s eve, the victim revealed the secret to her mother but she did not take any action. The child then told her aunt who also kept quiet after hearing the matter,” the publicist said.

On January 10, 2018 the victim went for prayers but when she returned her mother beat her up for attending a different church.

The girl shouted that she did that because she wanted God to save her from what her father was doing to her.

Her voice caught the attention of other passerby who reported the matter to the community policing members in the village.

On Monday police arrested the father. The victim was taken to the hospital for examination and tests revealed that she had been sexually abused.

Meanwhile, the 69 year old man has been charged with defilement contrary to section 138 of the penal code.

Chimango who hails from Kankwanda village, T/A Dzoole in Dowa district will appear before court soon.




  1. Ko’d Zogwililirazi Ku Malawi Kuno Zuchulukira Bwanji?Daily Kukacha Kwachera Kut Wina Wake Kwina Kwakee Agwililidwe???Why My Malawi????

  2. Mabvuto ena azimayi mukumasunga bambo ngati ali ku mdende tamamasukani kwa. bambo pa. bedi osamagoma ngati galimoto ya kufa. tamaganizani za chikondi cha ku bed ndi abambo mukamutopetsa usiku sangaganize zina chifukwa mwamugwira bwino.

    1. Oook?Amayi akukhala ngati galimoto lakufa koma wabala naye mwana akukhala ngati galimoto loyendalo eti??? Lame excuse!!!

  3. That irresponsible father must face the all might of the law.
    And I think the government must use Sharia Law to punish him.

  4. These are the true acts of Chewas. They like eating their own eggs. Cursed be this tribe.

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