Expectations high for clerics turned politicians


A political analyst says clerics who have joined politics should now be doing what they were demanding from politicians when they were on the pulpit.

Recently, the country witnessed Reverend Munthali joining Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which is also headed by man of God Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera.


Mkhutche: Retired pastors are also citizens of the country.

On Saturday, ex-clergyman Reverend Daniel Gunya joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Commenting on the issue, political analyst Wonderful Mkhutche said retired pastors are also citizens of the country hence there is nothing wrong for them to join politics.

He however warned the men of God that people will be expecting a lot from them.

“When they were on the religious podium, they demanded a lot from politicians.

“Now that they too are joining politics, expectations are that they will perform unusually. This is what they have got themselves into.” Mkhutche told Malawi24.

Some Malawians in Lilongwe also told Malawi24 that they do not have a problem with men of God joining mainstream politics since every Malawian has a right to associate with any political party.

A Lilongwe resident Agnes Bamusi told Malawi24 that the development is good since it brings new ideas in political parties through theological thinking which can help to accelerate the country’s development.

“For men of God to be joining politics is a welcome development since this can boost morale of our politics. Maybe such people can be advising our political leaders on how to lead the country through verses and that can do us good,” she told Malawi24.

However, Bamusi expressed concern that some of the men of God can be joining mainstream politics just to enrich themselves.

She said that if the whole aim of joining politics is greed then the approach is wrong since men of God are trusted to be good examples for national benefit.