Deforestation still a challenge for water supplier


Deforestation in protected areas such as Zomba plateau remains a challenge hindering Southern Region Water Board’s (SRWB) efforts to provide water to residents.

The board said this when Zomba press club visited the plateau and Mulunguzi Dam.


Deforestation is affecting water supply.(File)

SWRB Public Relations Officer Matilda Makwangwala said they are falling to reach their target of distributing enough water to customers due the problem of illegal cutting down of trees in catchment areas.

Makwangwala added that despite efforts by the water board it seems that this remains a challenge to them.

She added that one solution they have come up with is sensitisation of people surrounding the protected areas.

“We want to sensitise people on the importance of conserving, managing of trees because these trees and dam are not for Southern Region Water Board only but for our customers and other residents surrounded by them and it is their responsibility to take care of the trees,” she explained.

Makwangwala also mentioned high population growth in the district as a factor hindering them from providing enough water to its customers.

She said the board is therefore looking for other alternatives considering the fact that the dam and other sources of water will not be enough in future.



  1. If Zomba min water boards will not have water for domestic use, will be because of this trend coupled with, bush fires, charcoal burners and mountain cultivation and if all these are to be neglected, it will be a disaster this year!!!!!

  2. That also highly contributed to the buying of Gensets and electricity up by 24% cost…poor people continuing being robbed,who else can they rob if not the nature surrounding them?…

  3. Not only for Southern region water board but it has also affected us here at Zomba East Rural Water supply scheme…eti Mr Douglas Nyalapa

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