Woman found with heroin at airport


Police at Chileka International Airport on Sunday arrested Vanessa Mwaipaya for attempting to smuggle heroin through the airport.

Speaking with Malawi24, Chileka Airport police spokesperson Sapulain Chitonde Lee said police officers were working on passengers travelling to Ethiopia on Ethiopian Airlines when the X-Ray Machine detected some strange substances in form of powders which were concealed in special materials to fool the Security.


“They demanded for the owner to come and open it, and upon opening the suspected bag, three plastic packets which had illicit drug were found.

“Immediately the suspect was arrested and charged with being found in possession of suspected illicit drug without permission from the minister and attempting to export the dangerous drugs without permission,” Chitonde told Malawi24.

Meanwhile the suspect is in police custody at Chileka Police Station and will appear in court after completion of investigations.

Vanessa Mwaipaya, 30, comes from village Chamnthomba, Traditional Authority M’mbelwa in Mzimba District.

The Officer In-charge Chileka International Airport Police Charles Kamzingeni (ACP) has since warned would be perpetrators that they don’t stand a chance of succeeding in their ill motives.




  1. Eeeeh akamutayanxo makape amugwirayo ayesexo mwayi kachikena zaukape tidya chani mkaz ngat ameneyu olimba mtima chonchi ndyemwe ndmamufuna asaaa ndekut amafuna adye papakuru eti

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