Veteran politicians a boost to DPP – Analyst

Democratic Progressive Party

One of the analysts in the country has said the coming in of veteran politicians in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is a boost to the party.

Speaking in an interview with Malawi24, the analyst Wonderful Mkhutche said the veteran politicians who on Sunday joined the ruling DPP have been in politics for many years and this will boost morale of the party even though they can’t perform accurately if given positions.

Mkhutche: Veteran politicians will boost morale of the party.

“Brown Mpinganjira, Henry Phoya and Ken Lipenga have been in politics for years. They have boosted the perception of DPP but have less to offer should they assume any office,” Mkhutche told Malawi24.

Phoya, Ken Lipenga, Brown Mpinganjira and Reverend Daniel Gunya were welcomed by President Peter Mutharika on Sunday at a rally held at Lunzu in Blantyre.

Lipenga along with Phoya ditched the DPP in 2012 after the death of Bingu wa Mutharika to join the then incoming President Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party (PP).

The two held various ministerial posts during Banda’s presidency but their dormancy arose after Banda lost in the 2014 polls to Peter Mutharika.

Lipenga was Banda’s Finance Minister although he got fired at the news of looting of public funds – a scandal Malawians better know as Cash gate.

The DPP says it has rolled out what it is terming as an ‘open door policy’ which involves catching new members into the party.



  1. Thats the fact hence the politicians in th e country are just rotating no wonder i repeatedly saying that come 2019 Elections DPP will win.

  2. A wizzie jafali chande sanayambe trnng akukana panopa akukakamila kuti akambilane ndi a bullets ati abwelele chifukwa ku nomako akungokangana ndi ma strak er azake malo ake akuvutano pano kanyenda wavuta kumeneko eeetu Awizzie bolato kkkkkk

  3. Dpp ikumandiseketsa kwambiri amenewa ndi new catch kapena anzanu akale omwe aja. Anangothawa amenewa kuti adye nawo cashgate lero abwereranso ndi ina koma musatipusitse ife

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