TNM mocks Airtel in advert


Malawi’s two mobile service providers continue their battle for dominance with TNM claiming in a new advert that it is ahead of rival Airtel.

The advert released just before Airtel launched its 4G network sees TNM taking a dig at its rival’s laggardness in providing high speed internet to subscribers.


TNM’s advert mocking Airtel

In the advert which has been widely shared online, a man looks at his watch saying “you’re late to the 4G party, switch to 4.5G.”

It’s a direct reference to TNM’s rival Airtel who launched its 4G network on Friday.

In contrast, TNM introduced its 4G network in June, 2016 and its 4.5G network in September last year.

Meanwhile, the advert has received positive feedback online with many people saying it was well-thought-out and it is creative.



  1. Yes…TNM has a 4.5G network but their internet service remains too slow…most customers complain that the internet is just too slow and you can’t even download a Google page…While Airtel with their 3G network were still providing super internet services…..

    So therefore it is TNM who are slow to 4G network because there is no difference between their 4G network and a 2G …..kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkka

  2. Airtel ndikawawa,enafe tili kumalire kwen kweni kwa Malawi koma timagwilitsa ntchito 4G koma tikayang’ana TNM m’mene yayambila.kuphika nyemba kupsa,kuphika nsima kupsa koma kukanika Ku loader ka file ka 15mb.

  3. Airtel is de best zinazo zikagwere but tnm simcard ikangokhala akimayi blocker nanga why vuto ndichani atnm apa bola airtel kunong’a kunong’a airtel ndi DEAL

  4. A airtel Mbuzi, a tnm Mbuzi kweni kweni a mtl ndiye Mbuzi zokha zokha. And I cannot see any reason why these failed creatures should smile about, their network and their poor services are robbing us our money.

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