TNM launches 2018 scholarship for girls


In keeping with its promise to assist vulnerable students, TNM Plc has launched the 2017/18 Academic Year Scholarship Program worth K7 million for 20 underprivileged girls in public secondary schools across the country.

TNM in 2015 set up the fund through a local NGO, Advancement for Girls Education in Africa (Age Africa), and spends K7 million annually in scholarships to 20 students across the country.

Good gesture Ngwenya (L) presenting & Kabwazi ( Far right) presenting the cheque to the beneficiaries.

TNM Chief Officer – Consumer Services Daniel Makata said at Machinga Community Day Secondary School that TNM is a caring Malawian brand that remains firmly committed to empowering girls by enabling them to achieve goals through attainment of quality education.

“We are very proud to keep our word by continuing to assist these girls. This is our third year of running this initiative through Age Africa. Every year, a set of girls is identified and benefits from our contributions from form one to four,” he said.

Makata said the scholarships are in line with TNM’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that aims to improve lives of people to help them contribute to the country’s socio-economic development.

“These scholarships are a continuation of our support to education sector. The K7 million provided should make it possible for the earmarked students to learn with full tuition plus boarding fees and upkeep allowances. This scholarship is fulfillment of TNM’s commitment to promote access to quality basic education for underprivileged girls in the country,” he said.

He added that the company acknowledges the challenges that most girls in the country face to complete their education resulting into early marriages.

“In Malawi and across Africa girls fail to complete secondary school education due to various barriers ranging from poverty, gender inequality, and traditional stereotypes as a result they are forced into early marriage.

Moreover lack of financial support has remained a great challenge for them. Through this initiative TNM, itself being a Malawian company, wants to see to it that girls’ access to basic quality education is not affected by whatever circumstances,” he said.

The scholarship targets students in public schools run by the Malawi Government and funds are administered by Age Africa, an organizations that works to help accelerate access to education for underprivileged girls.



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