Police officer arrested at minister Chiumia’s house


A police officer was on Saturday arrested at Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development Grace Chiumia’s residence in Malawi’s capital city, Lilongwe.

In an interview with Malawi24, Central Region Police Spokesperson Nolliettie Chihana Chimala confirmed the arrest of the police officer.

MalawiChimala identified the suspect as police officer Njema who was assigned to security at the minister’s residence during the day.

She told Malawi24 that officer Njema left his post and was found drunk while on duty.

“Policeman Njema was arrested for being found drunk and incapable. He was assigned to provide guard duties during the day time at Hon Chiumia’s residence,” Chimala told Malawi24.

She added that it is believed that the police officer was consuming the liquor whilst on duty
When he was found he was immediately arrested and replaced.

There were reports on social media that the minister got the officer arrested because he went to the toilet while on duty.
The central region police spokesperson however refuted the claims.

“He left his post unattended for his own other reasons. The toilet issue is not true,” she told Malawi24.

The officer is currently in police custody and disciplinary charges will follow according to Chimala.



  1. Km apolisi aku malawi kuno aaaaa ine sindimakuvetsani bwanj palitu khani aaaa kd chimakhala chani matha kapena km mutsamatelo ifetso tikazakhala apolisi muzativa hvy muzathawa kuno limodzi ……………… Okutumaniyo

  2. Kkkkkk A police mukukana kupusa mwati muzinama kuti mzanuyo Analedzela ndicholinga chofuna kutiphimba mmaso? Aaaah zanu zimenezo musova nokha Mowa analowa nawo bwanji? Mukamaliza mutiuzanso

  3. Can’t happen arresting someone for such reason it really shows he was in the toilet don’t do that everyone do that leaving an important issues on the process

  4. Pali nkhani apa yoti mpaka amangidwe….. he just need desciplin basi

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