Motorcycle taxi operators fined over demos


The Monkey-bay third grade magistrate court has ordered six motorcycle taxi operators to pay fines for protesting.

The six are James Chimenya (38), Francis Chatsogola (25), Byson Kankhuni (31), Zakeyu James (31), Wisiki Masautso (28) and George Kapito (26).

They have been ordered to pay a fine of K15,000 each or in default spend 3 months in prison with hard labour for demonstrating against a tax hike on the motorcycle taxi business.

The court heard through Laston Sabola, a prosecutor based at Monkey-bay Police Post, that on January 12, 2018 the six ganged up and took to the streets of Monkeybay Township by riding their motorcycles in a chaotic manner that eventually led to blockage of roads in the township without permission from the council.

Sabola further said that the demonstrators also caused disorder at the house of the ward councillor Chinkwita Bulirani where they had gone to raise their concerns about the fee charged on them by the council.

Appearing in court, the accused persons pleaded guilty to the charge laid against them of conduct likely to cause a breach of peace contrary to section 181 of the penal code.

Sabola then prayed for a stiff penalty saying the conduct of the six could have incited violence since they blocked other road users and also conducted the demonstrations without permission.

Magistrate Samuel Kasile concurred with the state hence ordered each of the six to pay a fine of K15,000 or in default 3 months in order to deter would be offenders. All the six paid the money.




  1. Kodi mumadana ndi a Kabanza a Lifo bwanji??? Poor Malawi! Koma mumaziwa kuti pa Nyasaland pano ntchito zikusowa??? Fanz yambiri panopo yapeza chochita kuzera ku ma motor cycle tax operators yomweyo!! Ndi njira imozi yomwe ikuchepesa kwambiri rate ya umbava ndi umbanda pa Mw pano choncho mukamapanga mbwelera zanuzo muziganiziranso pamenepo

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