Kamwendo questions Nomads’ CAF preparations


Be Forward Wanderers captain Joseph Kamwendo has questioned the club’s level of preparations ahead of their CAF Champions League tie with AS Vita.

Speaking to one of the country’s radio stations, Kamwendo warned his team that they need proper preparations to avoid an embarrassing exit.

Be Forward Wanderers

Joseph Kamwendo: We need thorough preparations.

“First of all, let me extend my gratitude to our executive for registering us into Africa’s biggest competition. However, we need thorough preparations if we are to make it.

“We are facing one of the strongest teams in Africa and if we keep on playing weaker teams in friendly matches, we will cry foul.

“I am pleading with our executive to organize at least two international friendly matches before facing Vita. I don’t think it’s necessary for us to play Masters Security because they will offer us nothing. It’s better to play Bullets or Silver Strikers because we are facing one of the best teams in this competition,” he said.

Wanderers will play Mangochi United over the weekend in a strength testing match.

The Malawi champions will travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo on 9th February for their first round preliminary game before hosting the Kinshasa based side at Bingu National Stadium a week later.



  1. KAMWENDO akuziwa mene mumatethela mu caf kukozekela kwake mupange chochi kuyambila lero ku camp kwanu kuziphikidwa nsima ya gayiwa muzisakaniza madeya ndiwo zake nandolo opanda mafuta nditomato mungoyikamo sabola basi mukatelo pasapezeke opita kuchimbuzi paka trenning ithe mukatelo ku caf maresults basi kamwendo zimenezi anayiwala mufuse akuuzani kuteleku ndakumbusa mbuzi zenizeni kkkkkkkkkk

  2. Kuli matimu ngati bacelona, nyasa big bullets,arsenal, man u,man city. bwanji kuyesa mphamvu ndi timu imozi mwa team zi osati kusewera ndi chilobwe select

  3. JK is right. How can a team playing in CAF have a friendly game with Mangochi select? Iam not happy as well to hear that elections at the club will take place after the return match with AS Vita. This will disturb the team in CAF. You dont change the generals when you are busy fighting in the jungle. The best way is to conduct elections when the team is out of CAF. The current office bearers knws where they are coming from, where they are and where they are going with the team.

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