2019 gives another chance to UDF


United Democratic Front (UDF) has witnessed a loss in popularity in Malawi since entering into an alliance with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), but a political analyst says taking the party symbol on the ballot paper in 2019 may resuscitate the once strong UDF.

Local political experts have been faulting the alliance that UDF has with the ruling DPP as the party fails to provide checks and balances to government.

Mkhutche has advised UDF to put its house in order.

Experts have been further faulting UDF leader Atupele Muluzi for the alliance as it created divisions among lawmakers of the party.

The party also snubbed the recent by-elections held in some wards and constituencies of the country last year.

But as the country is to hold elections next year, political expert Wonderful Mkhutche feels taking part in the polls is to help the party regain its popularity.

Mkhutche has advised UDF to put its house in order for the 2019 elections.

“If Atupele Muluzi will not contest in 2019, he will jeopardize the chances of UDF emerging strong after it has experienced minimal political influence in the last four years.

“The party is probably at its lowest point and should it not be part of the 2019 elections, it will be a detrimental blow,” said Mkhutche.

Meanwhile, UDF is yet to hold convention to usher in new leadership ahead of the elections.

UDF became the first ruling political party in multiparty era in the country.

The party joined opposition forces after late Bingu wa Mutharika dumped it to form DPP in 2005.

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