UDF turns down Mutharika: We don’t want to be your running mate

Atupele Muluzi Lazarus Chakwera Peter Mutharika

United Democratic Front (UDF) has turned the heat on Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and President Peter Mutharika over plans to have Atupele Muluzi replace Saulos Chilima as DPP’s running mate for the 2019 Malawi presidential race.

Atupele Muluzi Lazarus Chakwera Peter Mutharika
Will Mutharika replace Chilima with Atupele?

“UDF will not settle for the running mate position” UDF Spokesperson, Ken Ndanga, told one of the weekend papers, saying the party would rather go solo in 2019.

Ndanga revealed that UDF regional governors are not pleased with plans to have UDF as DPP’s bedfellows in the forthcoming elections with Atupele as Mutharika’s running mate.

“The party wants Atupele Muluzi to contest as UDF torchbearer at the 2019 elections” he said.

UDF and DPP have been allies since 2014, with UDF and Atupele Muluzi emerging as kingmakers having backed off from Peoples Party and Malawi Congress Party’s demands for a recount of presidential ballots and calls for a possible run off of the presidential race.

Muluzi has been awarded ever since with a ministerial position.

Meanwhile, renowned UDF politician, Lucius Banda, has said he will contest as UDF presidential candidate in 2019 if Atupele Muluzi insists in retaining the alliance with DPP.



  1. Why Bingu chose JB as running mate in 2009 elections being both from the Southern region, surprised every body. The magic was simple. JB was/is a woman. With her NABW she did a commendable job of uplifting lives of several women. JB was/is married to a Tonga, ada Banda Rich from the north, so she could be seen as a northerner as well. JB had served in both private and public domains. In fact she had all the qualities. APM cannot make such a blunder by engaging Atupele Muluzi as his running mate as both come from the south. It’ll be suicide of highest degree. They can easily be decampaigned by their opponents. The writer is giving us a misrepresentation and false information. It’s a blue lie!


  3. Alufandika. ndikugwilizana. ndi. wayankhula. Inenso. ndi kuti maganizo. Abwino. UDF isakane chonde. Hon. MULUZI l surpot. U

  4. Taona Mikango ife osati Akambuku awa!! DPP won without Atupele and He was positioned #4, He can not bring any change!! Tathokozani alawako Unduna.

  5. Dpp Yatha Mphamvu. Tatiyen Tibwelele 2009 Udf Kmaso Mcp Ndizipan Zina Anapanga Umodzi Kut Agwetse Dpp Kma Dpp Sinatekese. Tsono Ngat Pano Akunyengele Zipan Zina Adzidabwe? Sine Wandale Kma Mzika Ya Malawi. We Need A New Driver

  6. UDF yapakila ulendo waku MCP. You will see this happening and he will be recognised as a running mate. Watch out

  7. These guys are playing games with us. They will run together DPP and UDF bit they want to keep it cool. They will inform us last minute. The strategy is for UDF to start mobilizing people so that it has a substantial number of votes and the announce the joint candidacy. We know that !!!!

  8. Naye Atupele kupepera,akanalola then nkuzatembenuza chikwangwani kuti UDF ilowenso m’boma.Zoti UDF izalamulilanso Malawi iwalani apa mwanyika man Atupele

  9. that’s the way to go, now udf will hit the center monga muja anakambila mwanayu kuti tikamasewela game yamacard pamapezeka yemwe watenfa joker chomwe ndichiganda chowinila, then udf is holding a joker of this game coming 2019ok

  10. Ma Plan Ulepheleka Rasterman Tikusutha Mu 2019 Aise Wapakila Kale Iwe Ukufuna Udalile Atupeleyo Mayaz Imawekha Ndi Mchilima Wakoyo

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