Dedza chiefs want tax on soap removed


Chiefs in Dedza have called for the removal of tax on soap saying Malawians in rural areas cannot afford the item due to its high price.

Senior Chief Kachindamoto of Dedza has asked government through the ministry of finance to remove the 16.5 percent Value Added Tax (VAT) which was imposed on soap in 2016.

Chief Theresa Kachindamoto

Chief Kachindamoto: has asked govt to remove the 16.5% VAT on soap.

Kachindamoto added that the move is to ensure that all Malawians including those that are poor have access to soap.

Her sentiments were shared by Group Village Headman Chinyamula who feels the move can help in the fight against cholera outbreak that has hit some districts of the country.

Meanwhile, the ministry of finance has urged the chiefs to forward their concerns through budget consultation meetings that are to start shortly.

People are advised to use soap when washing hands after visiting the toilet, before preparing and eating food among others as a measure of ensuring hygiene.



  1. Uh! we are experiencing abnormal prices at our local markets.But I dont think gvt can accept that since our economy has been both manmade and natural interfered.

  2. To remove Tax 4rm soap does not make sense atleast if u ask da govnment 2 lower da tax dey put on dose soap manufacturing companies,so dat these companies can also lower their prices it can b a gud move since u chiefs depend on da same taxi money to pay u

  3. That’s very good Idea to our chiefs
    I salute them for becoming with this Good decisions
    but I might correct them to demand on the basic need that people are using everyday life
    and the products which manufactured in this country the price should be lower

  4. That’s ever brilliant decisions after a very long sleeping but that mus’not be on soap only, demand whatever is being manufactured within our country somehow this will encourage business people to buy our own products instead of buying outside whence that’s the other way of building our economy.

  5. Why removing the tax? It is you chiefs who are betraying Malawian. Have you forgotten the praise you shower during political rallies those are the results . Things are just oky