Phyzix comes clean on fight with Fredokiss


Malawi`s veteran hip hop artist Phyzix has finally spoken about the war of words with another top artist Fredokiss.

The Lilongwe based rapper is considered to be in a long conflict with Fredokiss that dates back to a decade ago.


Phyzix: I once dissed Fredokiss.

It had to wait until 2017 for the alleged cold war to take a new twist with regard to ghetto supremacy.

Born Noel Chikoleka, Phyzix denied being at loggerheads with the Blantyre based rapper.

He said this on radio 2 FM on Monday night, during Joy Nathu`s radio show called Made on Monday.

However he admitted to have once dissed the award winning artist.

Chikoleka clearly explained the genesis of the beef. He said that Fredokiss whose real name is Penjani Kalua, provoked him through a beef song titled Aise Ukunama which Fredokiss did with JB. As such, he only went hard on him in retaliation through a song titled Ine ndi Phyzo in which he spoke ill about Fredokiss’ voice.



However, Phyzix denied fighting over ghetto supremacy like the public has been led to believe. He said, his 2017 release titled King of the Ghetto (KOTG) has nothing to do with a fight with Fredokiss, the self-acclaimed Ghetto King Kong.

He added that the concept of his song does not glorify the ghetto but it portrays it as somewhere people should get out of due to its unpleasant nature. Having lived in the ghetto himself, Gamba wa suit, as Phyzix calls himself, said his experience is not worth reminiscing.

The Cholapitsa hit maker repetitively said he is neither involved nor interested in such kind of a fight. He also asked people that are not interested in his work to ignore it rather than listen to it for the sake of faulting him.

The capital city hip hop giant believes he shares fans with Fredokiss and the bad blood claims are only misleading their followers.



  1. I am a veteran as far as the rap game is concerned. Phyzx is very wack.As wack as taygrin.Fredo is a rylicist,a rapper.

    *M’busa:Kodi phokoso likuveka panjalo ndila chani?*
    *Wachiwiri wawo:iiiiih akuti pakudutsa mzimayi wina wakwera bulu koma ali mbulanda.*
    *M’busa:aaaah zowona?? Odi ndingomusuzumira nawo pang’ono ndi kale lija nawona bulu ine.*

  3. In urban b..etc

    Its full of hateless/violance/enemity/war/rape/burgerly..etc

    The only best reggae

    It preaches…

    Try reggae you will not get dissapointed..

  4. Apapa tisapange hide nkhani phyzo unatha and nowadays palibe nyimbo zawise zomwe ukuyimba for instance dala ngati iwe uziyimba zimbwete,talking about war phyzo we used to know u as gamba now wathaima kut achina fredo antchukisa ghetto ndiye usithe ukhare ghetto king ,wachepa leave za ghetto kwa ntchana and he is our ghetto president,ambasseder,and on beef honestly a phyzo simutha zinawoneka kale when jb was here a phyzo munali pa mute,lastly i would like to advise u noel chikoleka kut if u want to progress in doing music uzingopanga promote timava toyamba kumene kuyimba coz anawa akumakuchita zithu munyimbo zako zomwe komanso aphyzo pano simukuyimba hiphop pano muli ku afro beat pamalo patelera ft vube then ukumagweratso ku trap ,so fredo he is our hiphop icon and he is talented ,inspire,encouranging& our freedom fighter amatalker ngamo yokhayokha.chiyambire kuvera phyzo palibe chimene timatora kupatura kuzipopa #cholapitsa while fredo eeee zambiri zimene ndatora #marathon ,dear jah jah,make money(kuphulitsa life),zausiru,sindikwatira,malamuro nkhumi amughetto , aaaa fredo ali nkhenge ngati chipani cholamura

  5. Why engaging in a tug of war,both a Malawians by nationality,coexistence is one of the ethics that can improve the muzik industry,mwina myb phyxo ndi waku China,Fredokiss is from Russia,kkkk…,just continue exposing your talent why quarreling .

  6. phyzo gat problems anaimba abambo ako targeting freddokiss n last made on monday freestyle was just about freddokis,vuto pomwe analowera lcty anamunamiza ma wack lcty artist zodissa mozembera n claiming like freddokis is a fault

  7. phyzo was gud way back but now mmm manyaka eni eni lyrically he is wack,every song goes like very gud very gud without any message……..phyzo tryna make a name in music industry while freddo he is about to inspire pipo who can’t manage to pay at the shows this is why he come with free shows tour.

  8. Phyzix is mature, gentleman, talented and friendly.
    Fredokiss is just a noisy tin like his father Kamlepo who tries to get fame out of foolishness. He was attaking hip hop giants like Tay Grin, Young Kay(Hyphen), Phyzix and others just to get fame but he failed.
    Now he is buying fame by throwing free shows, still trying to get fame but his shows are just full of kids.
    I guess he better join politics and succeed his father Kamlepo Kalua.

    • who is friendly between phyzo n fredo………….kamlepo he isnt about getting fame adha he is about to see changes in the nation the problem you DPP guys u vote for party than voting someone who can brings development in the nation

    • #Moet I do not hate rather disliking….
      #Gibson? Have u ever chilled with these guys? U will differentiate them…. am not a DPP fun and DPP’s stupid strategies are better than Kamlepo’s no sense…

      Which chart in the world can u find fredokiss’ song? Artist opanda hit song osangosiya bwanji? Nzake Tay Grin five hit songs in Malawi’s top 20 urban hit songs chart…. pa local or pa gospel palibepo ndiye zilikuti?

    • Getto kingmkong is another level luved by many and would die to c his gettomates prosper in life enawo ndesinduwadziwa kaya amatani never held from him

    • Inu mukuti Fredo chanichani may be u r broke niggas kuzolowera za ulere….
      Iwe usavutike fredokiss has no lyrics even a single hit song and if u talk of #TayGrin he always release hit songs, check out rankings if u can find Fredokiss. Someone who z loved by many must be like Namadingo, Tay Grin and Lawi, very expensive shows but always overflowing the the venu. Free shows more over during weekends of festive season then u say am #KingWhatwhat?.
      Even in area 25 upcoming musicians who has no names in industry ma free shows awo amadzanza kwambiri so tell your fredokiss to stop buying fame by free shows. #Zakanikazakanika.

  9. Fredokiss olo udzipope bwanji one day udzalira ndi mkodzot wako phyzix munakanika kumumaka uli ndi Joly bro pano ungamake Messi iwe yamikani fodya?

  10. We can be troubled while they have agreed, pala mwatopa ndikuimba mungojoina ndale, …….oimba onse omangozichemerala ine war, ine uja, ine ,ine MBUZI alchifukwa amakonda kudya goat meat

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