Govt in court over literature book


Malawi Writers Union (MAWU) will today face Malawi ministry of education and Malawi Institute of Education (MIE) in court over the banned Chichewa literature book.

According to MAWU, government must give the organisation compensation for the “untimely” withdrawal of the Chichewa book titled “Kusintha maganizo ndi nkhani zina.”


MAWU vs Govt in court today.

MAWU has demanded money from government amounting to K320 million or reinstating the book saying the agreement was to have it used for five years.

Meanwhile, the ministry of education and MIE are to face MAWU in court today on the matter.

Ministry of education announced withdrawal of  the literature book for containing a story titled “Dalitso wa bodza” that was deemed to be offensive to the Catholic Church.

The ban followed a complaint from the Church that expressed anger over the the story saying it was tarnishing the image of the Catholic Church.




  1. Wastage of resources and time,why filing a law suite,because of a book,think about important national issues,the writer is being violated/denied the right to expression.

  2. Kodi ngat akut literature yo ayithetsa? I thought it’s just a certain single book that had some irregularities that has been kicked out of the system?

  3. Liteleteru ndiyabwino imapangisa kuti uzizama koma imakwana kwambili mutu kuti zwi zwi zwi ngati china chalowa kukhutuku kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkk

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