Back to school campaign targets street kids


As a way of reducing street kids in the country, Chifundo Children’s Club and Limbe Police in Blantyre have introduced a campaign in order to send back street kids to school.

The campaign which is called back to school has been introduced after the opening of public schools in the country.

Street kids are being encouraged to go to school. (Image credit:

Blantyre youth district officer Daudi Ngwara said it is good move which will help some of the children who had no opportunity of going back to school.

He added that the campaign will promote education among the children in order for them to be good citizens of this country.

He however asked parents and guardians to encourage their children to go to school instead of pushing them to beg in the streets.

In her remarks, Limbe Police Station Sub Inspector Chifundo Kam’tsinje said they are targeting children around policing areas such as Zingwangwa, Makhetha, and Mbayani.

She added that they want to make sure that all the children who have been living in the streets should acquire education while at a tender age.



  1. Ganizo la bho, kma vuto ndiloti Ndalama zogulira Mabuku anaba, maphunziro akukwera every term ngat bussines ya tomato. Awa nde ndi anthu oti moyo wao unanyenyeka kale kale salabada za munthu. Maphunzitsi nao amalandira mochedwa nde samachedwa kunyanyala. Pompano timva kt mma sukulu ambiri muli zipolowe

  2. Good…
    As a country we should establish soup kitchens and homeless shelters as well for them not to go back as a survival excuse.

  3. sizopweka kumene ndimafana oti anava kuwawa akumana ndi mphepo zosiyanasiyana pakufunika sukulu yaoyao apo bii azikhalila kulelesa ndeu daily but dt 4get amwandikumbukila muwapezeleso chochita plz

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