Student killed in hit and run accident


A form three student at Ntcheu Secondary School died on Thursday after being struck by a hit and run driver along the Ntcheu-Balaka M1 road.

Ntcheu police spokesperson Henry Chigalu has identified the deceased as Clinton Mughogho, 18, from Chinkuluchina village, Traditional Authority Kwataine in the district.

NkhotakotaAccording to Chigalu, after the first routine roll call on Thursday, Mughogho who is believed to have been in the company of fellow students, sneaked out of the school campus for a drinking spree at Mphate trading centre which is two kilometres away.

“It is believed that he was very drunk when coming back and as he was trying to cross the road he failed to properly judge the coming vehicle and was run over by vehicle,” Chigalu said.

Mughogho died on the spot due to head injuries.

According to Chigalu, the student’s death was known by the school authorities through a misunderstanding that broke out as the deceased’s uncle invaded the boys’ hostel with the aim of collecting belongings of the student without the knowledge of school teachers.


“His demise came to be known to the school authorities through a commotion that erupted between his uncle and the students, the latter invaded the school hostels looking for the deceased’s belongings same night without the knowledge of the authorities,” he explained.

The police publicist further disclosed that at the moment, it is yet to be known as to which students were with the deceased.

He added that after the news that one of the students had died, a second roll call was made and the rest of the students answered when their names were mentioned.

Meanwhile, the police in the district have strongly warned motorists who choose not to report accidents to police that the law will deal with them once found.





  1. Tiyeni tione mbali zonse komanso school ikyenera kukhala serious ndi ana a sukuluwa. Inde pali ena ankhutukumve komano pa sukulu iyi zikioneka kuti analekerera zinthu chonde tiwapemphe kuti ayetsetse kukhwimisa malamulo awo. Apa mtengo ukagwa manyazi agwira mtengo . Sindikudziwa dziko litinji pa za nkhani imeneyi. Ili likhale phunziro kwa ophunzira onse kuti ife makolo tidalira inu kuti mudzatigwire nkono patsogolo chonde lekani kumwa mowa cha pa mchombo chisanagwe. Chamba sichikupindulirani. Kumva kwanga zikuoneka kuti ana anatayirira kwambiri moti amakhala ali balala panja kusaka mowa mmalo mowerenga .

  2. the student was with his friends that night and went out of bounce,they were all drunk.the accident occured as they were going back to school,and he was hit indeed along m1 road just at the national bank.

  3. This description of ahit-and-run driver is incorrectly uzd, here, it implies that the drivr is ahit-and-run. This incident mean that instead of the driver 2help the student, he abandoned hm. Anyway, was the plate# recognised?… Mmmmmmh.

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