Fake news: 30 pregnancies at Phalombe school

Police in Phalombe have trashed reports circulating on social media that about 30 students at Mpasa Community Day Secondary School in the district have been impregnated.

Phalombe police publicist Constable Innocent Moses said police carried out investigations which have revealed that the rumours are false.

Reports which were making rounds on social media indicated that over 30 girls at the school were pregnant.

But Constable Moses said head teacher of the school told the police that the school registered about 39 school dropouts from January to December in 2017.

The headtacher told the police that the dropouts were due to different reasons other than the said pregnancies.

He mentioned reasons such as lack of school fees, changing of schools to private ones and early marriages.

Meanwhile police in Phalombe have organised intensive school outreach programs in order to minimize school dropouts at the institution.

Police have since advised the general public against rushing to spread stories without verifying with relevant authorities.




  1. Do the same with posts of Men of God if truth is reveled, and don’t write to attract comments, the more you cheat us the more we find the truth finally we discredit you,

  2. Kkkkkkk alowa chisebwele simuna nve Yesu anati masiku osiliza kuzakhala maukwati ndi mabanja ndiximenezi anthu chigololo ngati nkhuku

  3. Interesting….with all the romours and fake news coming out.everyday I can now see our police being busy investigating romours and fake news at the expense of criminal investigation. Am sure someone was embarrassed with the story….but really should have used Ministry of Education…not Police….

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