Fake fertiliser maker arrested


Police in Kasungu are keeping in custody Kennedy Zimba, 34, for making fake fertiliser.

Zimba was arrested on January 6, 2018 at Chiteyeye location after police were tipped by well-wishers about his criminal acts.

MachingaAccording to Kasungu police spokesperson Edna Mzingwitsa, police officers received a tip that Zimba was mixing organic manure and Urea fertilizer and packing the mixture in sacks labelled Falcon Brand and NPK-23:21:0+4s.

“Zimba was allegedly also packing cattle dung (manure) in sacks labelled Optichem Ltd Chitowe fertilizer. It is alleged that Zimba wanted to present the counterfeit products in question on the market as products manufactured by the two companies,” said Mzingwitsa.

At Zimba’s warehouse, police confiscated 130 bags of the counterfeit products.

The bags will be tendered as evidence when Zimba appears before court.

Kennedy Zimba comes from Dzombe village, Traditional Authority Chilowamatambe in Kasungu district.

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