More trouble for Prophets: Thyolo prophet arrested for prophesying that ‘rains will not fall’


It is now risky to be a Prophet. At a time that Prophet Bushiri is in running battles with the government of Botswana, another of his trade has been arrested in Thyolo.

Police in Thyolo have taken to court a pastor of a ministry called Thamanda to answer charges of conduct likely to cause breach of peace.

MachingaActing Public Relations Officer for Thyolo Police Sergeant, Tiwone Amosi, told the local media that Pastor Sampulo Newiri has been misleading his followers by encouraging them not to send their children to school and hospital for medical attention when they fall sick.

It has further been revealed that the same pastor ill-advised his followers not to waste their precious time cultivating in their fields, saying he received a prophesy from God that there would be no rains.

“Pastor Newiri’s prophesy left many people food insecure. The whole of Chipendo area where his church is based along Thyolo- Goliati road, didn’t cultivate including the pastor himself.

“The pastor relies on food handouts from his followers,” Amosi has been quoted as saying.

He said members of the community lodged a complaint to police about the ministry’s doctrines.

Appearing before Thyolo Magistrate Court Wednesday, the pastor pleaded not guilty to the charge, prompting the state to ask for time to parade three witnesses.

The pastor came to the court with a handful of his congregants, all dressed in white.

In an interview, one of the members of the ministry who pleaded for anonymity said the pastor’s arrest was the work of Satan who was jealous and wanted people to perish by not hearing the truth about God’s words.

He said the ministry was founded upon observing many weaknesses and untruthfulness in the so called big churches.

Pastor Newiri comes from Chipendo Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chimaliro in Thyolo. The case was adjourned to January 22.



  1. The Bible says if a prophet prophesy about something and it doesn’t come to pass is a false prophet. So we mst not believe them. Many times these so called prophets re not real bcoz they don’t live to their truthful expectation

  2. kkkkkkkk…Tamunvetseni Prophet anthu inu, osampanga nkhanza ayi , Joseph adanenaso ndende kuti Ku Egypt kudzakhala njala kwa zaka 7 ndi chakudya chocholukaso for 7 years koma sanamumange m’malo make adamutlutsa Ku ndende pomwe inu mukupanga zosemphana pomunga Prophet kuzolowera kukunenerani zabwino basi

  3. These so called fake prophets,they tend to prophesise non existent messages,to their flock yet there the ones in the fore front,showing immoral behaviour and badly,what do expect from the followers,insteady of them being exemplary ,if break the law the law should take its course,regardless of being church leaders.

  4. These pple who call themselves prophets are fools. Who annoint them? We are in the New Testament times where we only believ in our Lord Jesus Christ. Hw can1 calls hmself aprophet and then 4tells thngs against God’s pple? Is there any reasoning? Let hm rot in hell… Mmmmmh.

  5. Wa ku Thyoloyi anaonjeza chaka chatha anthu amumpingo mwakemu sanalime ati mvula imagwa ija ya satana. Ndiye chaka chinonso abale. Ana ati kupita kusukulu tchimo kuvala whitewhite daily zovuta. Masiku otsiriza. Kupatsana moni wapamkono tchimo. Kuchipatala osapita

  6. Nanga si mumangodzuka mwati ndine prophet achina mlaka maliro mwayamba liti zakumidima basi ma prophet sanafike ndipo sazavala ma suit, sadzayendera galimoto, adzakhala onyozeka ndipo anthu adzawanyoza pakuti anthu azakhala aphimbidwa ndi ma prophet a chinyengowa ongolosera za chuma ndi zoyipa anthu azthamangira kwa prophet onena za chuma azayiwala kuti nthawi yakwana chuma apita nacho kuti

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