Moroccan hotels deny Zambia football team accommodation over cholera fears


Zambia national football team has had a nightmarish welcoming in Morocco ahead of CHAN tournament following some hotels’ refusal to accommodate the team.

The Chipolopolo boys are facing avoidance on the grounds that they may carry cholera bacteria, after their country has been hit by the disease. Zambia has been affected by the disease to a greater extent.

Chipolopolo boys are facing avoidance.

Reports by Zambian news outlets indicate that the Zambian team is being denied accommodation and handshakes in Morocco.

The Citizen reported yesterday that owners of a hotel where the Zambia delegation was schedule to camp reported to CAF president Ahmad Ahmad in withdrawing their interest to host the Southern African side.

The cholera outbreak in Lusaka has not spared the neighbouring Malawi where lives have been lost.

However, the Chipolopolo Boys started facing segregation in South African two days ago, during a warm up match against that country’s club Orlando Pirates. The visitors were denied handshakes but the final result of the game was in their favour as they won 3-1.

CHAN tournament involves only players who are playing in their domestic leagues. This year’s edition is kicking off over the weekend with Zambia being among the favourites to win the cup.



  1. It is unfortunate that South Africa and Morocco can behave that way in segregating Zambian football stars over cholera which has out broken in Zambia. They should know that it is not in the interest of Zambia to transport the disease outbreak at all. Also another point of note is that before a player is examined by a qualified team of Doctors before he/she is okayed board the plane or enter the a football pitch. What Morocco has done is tantamount to insult to another nation as they are silently saying the country ( Zambia) does not have competent Doctors to assess players. Rather, they should have on arrival at the airport arranged their medical team to examine players one by one before leaving to their respective hotels instead of quarantining them.

    The whole behaviour is completely inhuman. They should improve otherwise they are not behaving African. A disease can break out anywhere regardless and that should not be a tool to humiliate other nations. Morocco by the way was once not a member of African Union as they always regard themselves as part of Europe. They only come back and want to attach themselves to Africans once they want favours in Football and other sports after and whenever they are rejected by Europe.
    In this scenario, Zambia can only be helped by by African Football governing body African Football Confederation (CAF).

    Paul simbeye

  2. This country is too much selfishness last time they withdrew hosting Africa cup of nations because of Ebola and today we are hearing the same issue eeeeee CAF must do something ???????

  3. there’s something crazy about the cholera issue….so I came across alot of pages called Malawi something and to my surprise every one of these groups are busy publishing news about Zambia instead of news from Malawi i wonder if some of these groups are even from Malawi because they are actually destroying the good relationship that there’s between Zambia and Malawi…..this is really sad

    1. My friend chilambo ,this issue of cholera it’s also in malawi and don’t blame Zambians for what happened last time ,our news guys are just unprofessional.

    The Zambia National team has set up camp at the Adam Park Hotel in Marrakech Morocco.
    FAZ vice president Rix Mweemba is leading the entourage that took a
    two and half hour drive from
    Casablanca upon arrival from Dubai at 12:10 hours (14:10 hours Zambian time). The Chipolopolo boys will now focus on preparing for their opening match against Uganda on Sunday. Pay television channel SuperSport
    will beam live the tournament with Zambia’s opening match at 21:15 hours (Zambian time).
    Zambia is in Group B alongside Ivory
    Coast, Namibia and Uganda.

    Stop this rubbish of propagating fake news

  5. FIFA alwayz underlates African,nothin will b done,believe u me,could it bn. Europeans morrocans would hv bn tought a lesson already

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