Blantyre City Council bans sale of cooked food

malawi market

Blantyre City Council (BCC) has banned the selling of cooked food in the city’s markets and streets as a way of preventing cholera outbreak in the city.

Fritters are usually sold in many markets

The council’s Deputy Director of Health and Social Services Samudeni Seunda made the announcement following the spread of cholera in parts of the country.

“We are discouraging people from selling cooked merchandise at Blantyre market in order to make sure that they are protected from the outbreak,” he explained.

Seunda said the council will not tolerate any person who will not abide by the ban and will make sure that there is no cooked food in its markets.

According to Seunda, the ban will only be removed when the cholera outbreak comes to an end.
He added that cholera is preventable but can spread easily if people are not following proper hygiene.

He reminded residents that it is every person’s responsibility to live a healthy life by protecting themselves from diseases.

In a related development, Inkosi ya Makosi M’mbelwa V of Mzimba district has also discouraged people from selling cooked food as a way of preventing cholera in the district.
Since November last year, Malawi has recorded 150 cases of cholera and four people have died from the disease.



  1. Makamaka pa round about ya pa Bata kapena pa Blantyre netting pamaphulika sewage pafupi ndi malonda ndpo tikamapita ku ganyu ndpamene timagula zokamwera tea mbola yeniyeni

    1. Fanny Osamayankhula Choncho Ayi,nanga Akaletsa Malonda Anthu Azitani Poti Anthu Amadyetsa Mabanja Awo Mumalonda Omwewo Bola Akadangowauza Anthuwo Njira Zomwe Azichita Basi Osati Kuletseratu.

  2. Amwene Mu Zambia No 1 Street Vending,no Make Shift Shops.Zambia As Record 2,987 Cases Of Cholera,only 70 People Died.

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