DPP secretary general defends her mouth


The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) secretary general Greselder Jeffrey has defended her controversial sentiments in political rallies saying they are driven by the ‘truth’.

Her remarks follow criticism from citizens on how she speaks during political rallies in the country.

Jeffrey: I don’t insult people.

The ruling party secretary general has argued that she gives honest sentiments to citizens though her remarks are described as insults by some quarters.

“Inetu sindimanyoza anthu, koma ndimanena chilungamo nde popeza chilungamo chimapweteka, munthu ndi povuta kuvomeleza (I don’t insult people I say the truth but because truth pains it is hard for people to accept what I say).

“Amadandaula ndi a opozishoni chifukwa amaziwa kuti watibaya (The opposition are the ones that complain because they know that I have spoken the truth),” said Jeffrey.

Wa Jeffrey came under fire last year for her remarks that a citizen from northern part of Malawi can never become president of the country.

Political experts faulted the sentiments and demanded that she should withdraw what she said.