Musician Chavura risks arrest over ‘rape inciting song’


A human rights group has called for the arrest of musician Mwiza Chavura over his recent song.

The song Nzakupanga rape (I will rape you) is according to a media statement by the Family Rights, Elderly and Child Protection (FRECHIP) a piece that insults victims and survivors of rape.

Mwiza Chavura

Chavura risks arrest.

In the song whose contents have sparked a heightened social media storm the artist warns a girl that he will rape her.

However, the artist initially showed no regret over his song.

On Facebook he had written: “Malawians you are stupid, you are claiming my song Nzakupanga rape is encouraging rape. I have one question, since the release of the song, who has been raped? Who? What evidence is there to suggest that after the song had been released rape cases have increased? What evidence is there?”.

He then apologised on the same platform hours later.

But FRECHIP says there’s need for the artist to face the music over the contents of the song.

It says one form of sexual harassment is through rude jokes and suggestive stories.

“The artist and the producers of the song in their sick attempt to release this song have not demonstrated patriotism but have seriously tarnished their image, violated the laws and used their platform to incite criminal acts which others may deem normal.

It adds: “We call upon the police to act on this issue and assure Malawians that such incitement has legal consequences. As a deterrent, the police must send a strong message to such artists and Malawians that no one is above the law and that artists particularly, have a duty of care to conduct themselves in a manner that does not inflict pain and suffering to Malawian girls and women whose rights are also guaranteed to be protected under sections 15, 20, 23 and 24 of the constitution,” reads the statement which has been signed by Retired Child Justice Magistrate Esmie Tembenu who is FRECHIP executive director.

The organization has since said it is also worried by the conduct of some Malawians who are backing the artist over the song.

“FRECHIP is further shocked that some quarters, are celebrating and defending such a song. Malawi Constitution recognizes freedom of expression, but at the same time it is also expected of us as citizens to exercise such rights responsibly.”

At the moment, the social media has been crippled down with miscellaneous arguments over whether the song really holds the potential of inciting rape or not.

Many social media users are even questioning the reasoning skills and the audacity of the Blantyre based rapper.

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