Musician Chavura risks arrest over ‘rape inciting song’

Mwiza Chavura

A human rights group has called for the arrest of musician Mwiza Chavura over his recent song.

The song Nzakupanga rape (I will rape you) is according to a media statement by the Family Rights, Elderly and Child Protection (FRECHIP) a piece that insults victims and survivors of rape.

Mwiza Chavura
Chavura risks arrest.

In the song whose contents have sparked a heightened social media storm the artist warns a girl that he will rape her.

However, the artist initially showed no regret over his song.

On Facebook he had written: “Malawians you are stupid, you are claiming my song Nzakupanga rape is encouraging rape. I have one question, since the release of the song, who has been raped? Who? What evidence is there to suggest that after the song had been released rape cases have increased? What evidence is there?”.

He then apologised on the same platform hours later.

But FRECHIP says there’s need for the artist to face the music over the contents of the song.

It says one form of sexual harassment is through rude jokes and suggestive stories.

“The artist and the producers of the song in their sick attempt to release this song have not demonstrated patriotism but have seriously tarnished their image, violated the laws and used their platform to incite criminal acts which others may deem normal.

It adds: “We call upon the police to act on this issue and assure Malawians that such incitement has legal consequences. As a deterrent, the police must send a strong message to such artists and Malawians that no one is above the law and that artists particularly, have a duty of care to conduct themselves in a manner that does not inflict pain and suffering to Malawian girls and women whose rights are also guaranteed to be protected under sections 15, 20, 23 and 24 of the constitution,” reads the statement which has been signed by Retired Child Justice Magistrate Esmie Tembenu who is FRECHIP executive director.

The organization has since said it is also worried by the conduct of some Malawians who are backing the artist over the song.

“FRECHIP is further shocked that some quarters, are celebrating and defending such a song. Malawi Constitution recognizes freedom of expression, but at the same time it is also expected of us as citizens to exercise such rights responsibly.”

At the moment, the social media has been crippled down with miscellaneous arguments over whether the song really holds the potential of inciting rape or not.

Many social media users are even questioning the reasoning skills and the audacity of the Blantyre based rapper.



  1. Mukulephera kumanga anthu omwe akuba ndalama za misonkho yathu,koma mukulimbana ndi zinthu za ziiiiii!!!mabungwe a pamalawi amandidabwitsa zikuchita kuooneseratu kut zomwe mukuchita sizomwe munakhazikisira mabungwe anuwo ai.Tiyeni tizikhala serious

  2. Ogwilirira Osamasekelera Akujair Mahule Onsewa?Akhudyudyu Nawo Anagwilira Mwana 2 Yrs Cifukwa Cha Mango Km Mpka Ler Sanamangidwebe Why??….Akt Anathawa Kunena Mmalawi Momunoo!!Ugwidwa Khudyudyu Uliko Iwee!!

  3. We’re living in a funny country indeed, wy the Malawi police getting busy with innocent people but they are quiet for those who’re murdering and misusing the government money.? If the artist didn’t compose the sound well then the country should just burn his songs.

  4. Yerekezani kummanga Tiyenda muziwanso…..tiphwanya phwanya ma Office a human rights meeting mukumanila pansi pamtengo mxaaa

  5. why to arrest him? mukulephera kumanga akuba ndalama za poor ordinary Malawians thru cash gate koma awa a mabungwe awaaa!!!!!

  6. Hahahah zangothandizira kut atchuke basi,,,ena sitimadziwa kut kumalawi kuli amwiza oimba koma APA tawadziwa? Chaka chatsopano wachiyamba bwino Mwiza hahaha big up ukabwerako kumeneko ukagwililire mkazi wachaponda

  7. A malawi nde muli ndi vuto mpaka mukufuna mu mmange ngati zimene wakamba munyimbomo wazichitadi?, koma mukulephera ndithu chifukwa iyi ndi nyimbo chabe. #zathu_zomwe_izi

  8. Its a stupid song. The world is trying to fight against violence against women, and a certain schmuck is busy glorifying rape. Ena atenge phunziro.don’t put up with evil minded people.

  9. mwiza said the the music has three parts , y can’t u wait and listen to another two remaining parts ?? and u r busy judging him as if u have never done a mistake , actually he apologised , wat else do u want ? ,,,, malawi ! malawi !! malawi !!!

  10. Amangidwe zausiru ayi,munthu wanzeru zake sanaglimbikitse mchitidwe opusawo mkwidxingeni basi amene mukuti fwefwefwe simukuganiza bhooo

  11. Ok chavulayo mumangeni koma Chaponda ndi Pitala Muthalika apachikidwe chifukwa ndimbava zoba ndalama za boma…..mulandu watha

  12. WRITING/COMPOSING IS AN ART OF PLAYING AROUND WITH DIFFERENT IMAGINATIONS IN A CREATIVE WAY: Can somebody share me this song please? Let me know its concept but art is all bout playing around with different sorts of imaginations creatively and when you are writing about something/someone you were imagining in your mind, you wear the character of that same thing/person in the written words and also in the visuals. When an artist is writing the lifestyle of a prostitute, he/she will become a prostitute himself/herself in the script and also in the visuals of that script but that will not change the real character he/she is having.For instance, a writer may write something like this; “After partying and drinking the whole night, the famous prostitute decided to spend her morning hour in the an ECG church where there was massive healing, confession and deliverance.” When the mind of this writer will start talking about a prostitute in the church, he/she will leave all the club vocabulary and start using the church one but all that will not change his real character because he/she is just writing what the mind is Imagining creatively. Many people have been blaming me as well that sometimes I uses words that are too ungodly when writing my scripts but the simple answer to that is that I am just so much used to the art of writing/composing and when we are writing/composing, we just put on the character of any kind of a person that our minds are imagining and when writing about such a person, we use the exact Vocabulary that is used or may be used by such a person but that never changes our real personalities. Writing/composing is an art of playing around with different imaginations in a creative way.

  13. I can’t see any problem with that truck, and he did not say that we must rape, after all we have alot of hip-hope songs that disrespect woman hood / humanity, why don’t you criticise those songs?….is it because some of those songs were done in English when disrespecting woman hood so don’t you see any problem with that?….some use metorphors in there music when disrespecting woman hood / humanity, for example Young LT sang a certain song titled “saona patali, short sight niggars”, in that truck there is a certain verse which say “Ma Beat Ndadya (Mayi a Beatrice Ndadya), Ndashowa a Mayi ( I had sex wuth Beatrice’s Mother) “, so you can see that, metorphors have been used to mention and disrespecting humanity but it take a ginius to realize the meaning of these metophors!

  14. Haven’t heard the song or read the relics, but from the reactions, I guess chavula is a great composer and singer..
    Actually I feel the nation has overreacted

  15. What the fvck happened to freedom of speech,somebody is busy looting gvt coffers your here thinking of apprehending an innocent artist,my malawi huh.smgdh

  16. Munthu wa ndalama sumamanga bwanji ya maize gate munapondeleza nanga bwanji mukufuna kumanga munthu work wangoyimba nyimbo inu ndinu zisiru za anthu mwamva kokomda kumanga anthu opanda ndalama bwanji agalu inu

  17. No need to arrest him jxt ban the song dats all, many songs with wrong messages were being banned b4 wy not this one?

    If so arrest that guy who has sang “mikanda lakata” , “Nyenkhu nyenkhu” and other artists who sang sexual influence songs cause they also encourage sexuality behaviours which may lead to rape also!!

  18. Kod anyapapi kod muku panga zotani ? Malo moti mudzilimbana ndi jyc banda. Ndi mzake uyu amati chaponda. Km kugundika kulimbana ndi mu2 oti dhola alibe why?

  19. I personally dont agree with that arrest because Malawi is a country that accepts all evil activities to be done at all levels. I cant see any reason why he must be arrested though I do not support his song. Think of chichewa litilicha buku which the catholic church has complained but the writters union has gone to courts to challenge. Whats the difference here so why the arrest should be effected on Chavura while we have alot of worst in Malawis luggage.

  20. Lack of maturity,the guy needs to go to school of muzik,and have wider consultation from experienced artists ,emulating from artists from abroad,they have expertise,a verbal apology should not be condoned,he needs to be totally banned from the music circles,let preserve our culture and respect rights.

  21. I can’t see any reason of arresting him which human rights are you talking about in remember someone having play cards written my pussy my pride but up to now she is free so the law just work on man not woman.

  22. Never will he get arrested or charged. How many explicit songs do MBC stations broadcast within 24 hours?
    How many local artists has been releasing tracks that praises indiscipline behaviours?
    Even Mose wa lero, Joshua songs offends real Christians for portraying earthly corrupt tycoons with great biblical men of God.
    May all rap and reggaedancehall artists get arrested for praising in promoting obscene behaviours, rudeness, marijuana, thug life etc…
    Even these sex workers in our streets and location they partly encourage young girls to do prostitution as they show up their prostitutional benefits in public.
    Chavula is worthy a free man!!

  23. These kind of music needs to not be tolaleted ,this song shows violence and a mind if a sick twisted disturbed person who is not even sorry about his actions ,come to think of it what was this individual thinking when he was writing this type of a song ???what goes through this person’s mind ?? What message is he trying to give out ,that he is gonna rape some girl and not regreat it??is that what works for you people backing up this individual ?? Okay if he doesn’t mean what he said in the song at least at the end he would have indicated it but nooo he had to put a crying girl……this is sick and disgusting and people who find this song okay need to rethink this ……do you think pinning a poor drunk defenceless girl against her will is fine??? People you should see the point of the song dont rush into saying there other matters chanichani mayazi uyuyuuyu wayimba nyimbo yolakwika ndinthu and its offenceve period …….asah (they shud arrest him if they have to becoz pipo need to learn that there is an ethical boundary and he just crossed it ) ……y wud u wanna rock ur gal in a room ,tape her mouth and rape her ……gals stays away from this guy ndinthu

  24. A Couple Months ago I tried to upload an innovative dancehall song done by a new Artist, I sent it 3 times, Malawi Music say they too busy to upload said song as they get many requests, to date it has not been uploaded. Yet they easily place a track with a message that is totally immoral, tag and proudly have it played on their website. It is truly sad, I think Malawi Music needs to respond and let Malawians know how they choose if a song is airplay worthy or not. I highly doubt they listened to the content, what does that say about the websites credibility?

  25. i dont see any problem with the song,it does not incite anything. why not arresting the ministers and the president who are making malawians to be extremely poor by enrinching themselves. we do not have drugs in hospitals,tax is just too much,tertiary education is for the elite,nepotism in job recruitment,corruption by leaders. we have listened to nkasa’s song ‘mose wa lero’ likening the late president to a biblical prophet,this was outrageous.chavula’s song is a good song unless your mind is bent

    1. I think you have seen or heard how raped people are traumatized. Adzagwiliridwapo sister or wachibale wako, even with a mad person, not robbers or people like Chavulayu, its when you will understand better that this is not a thing to incite.

    2. I think you have never seen or heard how raped people are traumatized. Akadzagwiliridwapo sister or wachibale wako, even with a mad person, not robbers or people like Chavulayu, its when you will understand better that this is not a thing to incite.

  26. akukanika kukamumanga chaponda uko nde munthu wayimba nyimbo akamangidwe chifukwa cha nyimbo mesa and maganizo ake more over wajamburanso ndi ndarama zake

  27. Hahaha nyimbo zachamba, zothawa ku school (we’re fighting for education more than rape) etc zimapopedwa koma palibe anamangidwako bwa?

  28. I dont know if there are laws that says such people must be arrested, if he has committed a crime let him face the law, and if he has not why bother because what he sang is not what he has done. My opinion only, if am wrong teach me don’t rebuke me.

  29. Arrest Him, We Are Tired Of Listening To Stupid Songs Done By These Useless Boys, Ngati Mbari Yazoyimba Siyani Basi Siyani Myambe Ulimi. Zoona Kumangokhalira Nyimbo Zotukwana Zokhazokha? Imbani Zamalangizo Abale

  30. Mwasowa zomanga??…mesa munatiuza kuti unyolo unatha panopa wapezeka ngati wapezeka yambani kumanga chapondayu…mwasowa khani ngati nyimbo yaseweredwa pa radio mumangenso radio

    1. Kungoti simukukudziwa ku ndende enanu…. Amumange amumange chani? Chifukwa choti wangoyimba nyimbo? Mbava zonsezi achina Chaponda osawamanga bwanji. Bwanji osangotseka makutu anuwo musamvere nyimboyo….. Kuli nyimbo zambiri zolawula, zophera ufulu amai , ana , abambo , atsogoleri adziko….why only this song? Ndikanatukwana koma poti cholakwa sichingaweluze cholakwikacho. Anyway oyimba athu aku Malawi akuyenera kumazindikira udindo wawo akamapeka nyimbo. But i can not support this arrest thing…..

    2. Iwe ndioputsa wamva uumaku udziwa ku ndende iwe,galu iwe wagwililira sister wako bwanji nyimbo us iye kumveka ,,,,upiteko iweyo wamva ndani iwe

    1. Eti man Ife a Malawi ndife dzitsuru sure tikuonelera mbava zoba ndalama za boma zikuyenda mwawufulu ndikumati amange munthu woti wangoyimba nyimbo chabe…..umphawi unatizolowera Ife a Malawi serious

  31. But firstly take him to the one and only hospital in Malawi we proudly call it “GREEN MALATA” in Zomba.

    I think he must be having mental problems, examine him at Zomba mental hospital plz, if the test will give negative results, chapaseli pompaja MAXIMUM PRISON is there too, akakayesela kuthawa, SOLDIERS of COBBE BARRACKS will be ready to pull the triger, akakavulazidwa the NURSES will be ready to work on him at Zomba Central hospital..

    Ogwililira osamsekelera mxieeee

    1. I second you, down with rapists and anyone who things rapping about rape is cool. Anzawo akuvutika ndi trauma ya rape mmakwalalamu wina kumayimba zopusazi. Amumange ndiopusa ameneyu

    2. Man,if u follow malawian urban music…nyimbo zambiri ndi zopanda sense….chitsanzo-(wadya iwe…wadya iwe….black jack song)….nde munthu utha kumaganiza kuti wadya chani….pali nyimbo zambiri man zomwe oyimba athuwa amayimba mophuzula…kkkkkkk……..Anatani kumumanga mafunyeta…nyimbo zija zolaula amayimba zija.

    3. First arrest black missionaries and all artists whose songs sing and praise by encouraging Marijuana smoking and trading…. they are both against the law; if not then Chavula is worthy a free man

    4. Man precious…I like your comment…….pajanso munthu kumupeza ndi chamba amamumanga…..kuyimba nyimbo yokhudza chamba is the same as advertising Ganja…..if so,this also deserves arrest…kkkkkk.

    5. Awa mukuti man tikosi…I think chizungu chinawaphonya….anangomva chavula kenako ndikuzamva rape….ali chavula wagwililira…kkkk

    6. Rapist??you prolly dont know what u on about,stop feeding into this social media bullsh*t,thats just a concept to whatever he wanted to put out,#CHAVURA is one dumb controversial artist…let a niqqa be

    7. Y so judgemental Malawians you at fault you like dirty music than positive try to research you will see people don’t give much support to those who do spread positivity in their lyrics…but songs that spreads stupidity is much downloaded..

    8. USA-yakulangani pa zama donation-nde mwati muphwesele pa mwanayu eti mukhala choncho_a cash gate akukanikani mukulimbana ndinkankhani ka useless kod iyeyu atani musamamange mabungwe asiya kut thandiza??

    9. Heheheh paja zilizonse mukungoti misala,,,nanga uja amaimba kut alibe problem koma anthu ake akuvutika uja bwanji simunamutengere Ku Mental? Zausiru basi misala yambuyanu

    1. Dziko Lino Lokondera Anthu Achuma Chifukwa Chake Evance Mereka Adaimba Kuti Anthuwa Amadziwana Mungoganiza Nokha Mlandu Wa Bakili Mpaka Pano Yankho Sinaoneke Mpaka Maumboni Koma Oba Nkhuku Ku Jail

    2. Eti eti…ndipo ma youth adziko lino hv bn exposed to western songs n videos promoting homosexuality,violence,strong language,gang rape,drug n alcohol abuse etc n u dnt say anything..nde pot uyu Mmalawi waimba izi bas mpaka amangidwe…sali serious…

    3. Its just a song…he hasn’t rape..expression of his own views…not convicted… making too much noise so that donors will praise Malawi NGOs with fat funding to just enrich themselves. You… organisations, would you please take government to court now now for failing to deal with cashgate issues which evidence its there readily available.. come on organisations.. Parliament failed to pass important bills for the welfare of the Malawians and you didn’t question that or even ask police to arrest the MPs..stop this nonsense… This time you are innocent but during night you move around towns raping these victims with donor funded monies. And you call them prostitutes.. am watching you.

    4. Soza,u r rght,these NGO’s apeza chochita,dey r nt helping us on crucial issues affecting society…they shld go bck to da drawing board n start being bizy pushin gvt on serious issues nt jst a mare song..youths of tdy r alrdy spoiled n r raping each othr day n nyt n its jst normal to ..dey dnt knw wht ‘ rape’ is

    5. Mbomba ….kodi mnyamata uyu anatsomphola envelope ya ndalama kwa Peter ku zomba pama whistle stop ake aja…waona mabungwe ayankhulapo? Lamulo linadutsa ku parliament no handouts ena akuliphwanya mabungwe apindira ndebvu mkamwa osalowerelapo. Tili mmabvuto adzaoneni…ovutikafe ndiye mabwenzi amakhothi ndi ndende..tilibe ndalama zogulira chilungamo.

    1. am not recommending the song anyway..he has done a bad thing indeed but in Malawi weed..rape..witchcraft thy are not tolerated..but we have many who praise weed in their songs. .some addressing women as whores but thy are ignored. .thy don’t even face any charges. .

    2. weed you mostly harm yourself,koma Rape is just a disgusting thought that you can’t even argue are just ignorant

    3. what about those who address women as whores?? is that not gender violence..Malawians always focus on small issues leaving the bigger picture aside..someone stole billions and got away free and here someone has realised a rape track niggaz been catching feelings. .it’s not a big deal. .hustle for ur fam and be a better negro out there. .don’t waste time talking staff that can’t put food on ur table iyo ndinyimbo chabe

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