MCP convention won’t change leadership -Analyst

Lazarous Chakwera

A political analyst has said Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera’s position will not be under threat at the party’s convention expected to be held this year.

In an exclusive interview with Malawi24, political analyst Wonderful Mkhutche told Malawi24 that the idea of holding the convention is welcome since that’s what intraparty democracy is all about.

Lazarous Chakwera
MCP to hold a convention this year.

He however said the convention won’t remove Dr Lazarus Chakwera as the party’s president.

“A convention is a necessary process in intra-party democracy. That is where a party strategizes itself, and in this context, for 2019.

“It is unlikely that there will be any changes in the party presidency. Dr. Chakwera is tipped to win and once again lead the party in a general election. There may be changes in other positions but that will not affect the party. It is built on the presidency. Another great advantage is that the convention will be held much earlier and the party will have enough time to reorganize itself around the new office bearers,” Mkhutche said.

He added that MCP as a party has displayed discipline as far as intra-party democracy is concerned since it is going to the convention with the likelihood of coming out stronger.

Mkhutche: Chakwera is tipped to win.

“The party should quickly move on from what will happen during the convention and plan for 2019.

“Conventions are important in a democracy. There is a need for parties to practice intra-party before they lead a democratic nation. This process should be free, fair and open so that it is not a mere rubberstamping of individuals,” he told Malawi24

On Sidik Mia’s remarks that Chakwera is the only deserving person to lead MCP to elections and further, Mkhutche said the lower shire political heavyweight is showing support for the party so that it can succeed.

“Mia’s stance is in the faith of stabilizing the party. As said, if there will be any changes with the presidency at the convention, the party will not have enough time to build itself around the new name. Mr. Mia is simply supporting the conventional idea of the party that Dr. Chakwera is better placed to lead it in 2019,” Mkhutche told Malawi24 in an exclusive interview.



  1. Chakwera is a dictator he needs to be a new political era born again. A Mia akumenyera ufulu was ma business awo ndi banja lawo. Madolo akuyendesa dziko pa zero aid: kwacha is stabilized, chitukuko chimodzimodzi sizoba ndalama za boma kugulira galimoto zachipani ndi cashgate. Zizigonetsa tulo mbuzi zinzakozo not us. Convention ndiye younika ndi kusintha maudindiyo. Nchifukwa chani akufuna kupanga yamseri? Nanga nkholokolo akuzizemba chifukwa chani? Akudziwa kuti chake ndi mbava yakeyo palibe. U dictator toto!!!!!

  2. Mia is not in for the party’s stabbility, but rather for his fortunes. Laz is a dictator who’s leading kongiresi as his church. Can he explain to us why he defied the odds by nalifying the convention’s selection and came up with his nepotistic list to help him lead MCP? Why did he give the party’s car to his son? Truelly these acclaimed men of God exhibit dictatorial traits in them. They take themselves as the most holly that can never be questioned by anyone-you can see what PAC does. We are in a democratic era and there is no room for dictatorial traits.

  3. The PP regime bought fleet of cars and cashgate on Mia’s nose and he even failed to leave the party then, and he was not really concerned with our warfare because he was busy filling his belly with mang’ina. He’s now coming back as the messiah and crippled hands are busy clapping for him, welcoming him to his old greedy and selfish seat, what a shame. Don’t be mislead by blind and corrupt daily times for it is also fighting for her past lost glory. Jack up men and don’t spoil our future for the generations to come. We want visionary and development oriented people to lead us not dictators and greedy fools. Africa needs great leaders who encourage innovations and self reliance. The current regime has now started to gain donor confidence even though their money is channelled through NGOs and churches, for example intern clinicians are now paid through cham. You want the syphoners to bounce back only to devalue our kwacha and raise the fuel price on every day basis. You even not feel ashamed when someone calls you a shithole people. Come on guys this is high time not go back 100 steps.

  4. This guy is a dictator. It seems all acclaimed men of God are so stubborn and undemocrating. He doesn’t want to listen to other opposing views. How on earth can he fire those elected together with him at a convention? Another baffling thing is that we have already forgotten that Mia was second in lead in cashgate PP and all that mess was done under his second in control. What a shame! The current government has been struggling to employ teachers, nurses, doctors etc because the donors showed their tail because of the stupid leadership this guy showcased when second in command. This guy wants to bounce back to amass more than he got then. Of course with Mia kongiresi will be able to get votes in the lower states but not the whole south. This dual is power hungry and for me my vote will go to Chakwera unless he proves to me that in his 25 years of Assemblies’ presidency he moved the church and made it social contributor to the nation the same way white fathers, SDA, and presibetarians did and are doing. A guy who failed to built a mere kindergarten is he really going to uplift us? I’m sorry to say am a blue fan. This guy Mia pushed us to a rejected corner stone(zero aid) and we all have forgotten already. This is Judas’s saga. To hell with dictators clad in lamb’s coat and inside are marauding hynas.

  5. we wish mcp convention all the best.mulungu akutsogolereni kuti musankhe bwino. chonde ma delegates osayiwala anthu from all corners of Malawi.atumbuka akhalemo.alomwe akhalemo.ayao akhalemo.achewa akhalemo kuti ikhale national party.koma osamuyiwala njobvuyalema komanso dzoole mwale.these two have kept mcp in parliament for so long.chakwera musayiwale ayi mumusankhe.long live democracy

  6. Palibe chifukwa chosinthilatu apa ena alibusy kufuna kuphwasula Mcp ndi zolemba zawo koma sakudziwa kuti eni ake a Mcp ali kumudzi kwakuti alibe ngakhale radio komaso tenifolo amenewo ndiwo amene adzavote osati ife amene tili pano pa fb anthu ake ndi ochepa

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