Kapito hails new Escom load shedding schedule


The country’s well known consumer rights activist John Kapito has hailed the Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) for the new load shedding schedule.

Earlier this week, Escom published a new load shedding programme that signifies a change from the three-cycle eight-hour power supply and 16 hour load shedding schedule, to a two-cycle 14-hour power supply and 10 hour-load shedding model.


Kapito: This is quite commendable.

The corporation has attributed the change to improved power capacity available for distribution to consumers.

Reacting to the development, the activist who is chief executive officer for Consumers Association of Malawi (CAMA) said the new schedule is a relief for consumers as it has reduced the hours of blackouts.

Kapito has since commended the improvement, expressing hope that the trend will continue.

“This is quite commendable. It means we are slowly going back to normal. But let me caution consumers not to be overexcited and buy a lot of perishables as the situation might turn around,” said Kapito.

Presently, Escom says the available power capacity is 205 megawatts (MW) from the previous average of 150 MW.
The Electricity Generation Company (Egenco) has a generating capacity of 351MW.



  1. Yaaaa si mmene amayakira the past two weeks pano asintha ndiye kuti akuyamikira za mbuyo osati pano but all the same ndizoonadi kuthokoza Malawi anasintha

  2. ZESCO’s electricity generation is 99 percent hydro, and one percent thermal from diesel powered generators located in most districts of North Western Province. The total installed capacity stands at 2,337 Mega Watts (MW)
    Operating Power Stations
    Kafue Gorge 900 6
    Kariba North Bank 1080 2
    Victoria Falls 108 1
    Itezhi Tezhi 120 1
    Lunzua 14.8 5
    Lusiwasi 12 8
    Chishimba 6.2 3
    Musonda 5 4
    Shiwang’andu 1 1
    Total 2,337 1 Powering the Nation
    Installed Generation Capacity
     
    © 2015 ZESCO Limited

  3. sometimes its good to say za truth and to be honest coz ur wish isnt za entire nation which,for example ask people of karonga north if zey have electricity now its one week,what sort of loading shedding we have here,so when commenting on issue of electricity please verify to see aza areas zat zey are also enjoying za same

  4. Is he still around? l thought he died.
    May be he was given a very big bans and it stuck in his mouth and he was failing to speak.

  5. Koma abale zafika pa mpaka kumayamikila black out. Black out is black out we dnt deserv any kind of black out there is nothing lik good black out

  6. Kkkkkkk Koma Koma Dziko mmm ayi ndithu. Nkhanitu ili yapa ndiakuti munthawi ya Holiday yomwe tinali nayoyi ma company ndi mafactory komwe kumapita mphavu zamagetsi zambiri ena mwaiwo anali otsekedwa ndi chifukwa chake zimaoneka kuti magnets sakumazimanso Koma apapa ndukuuzani ndipo mundivomeleza ziyambiranso. Ngakhale akunena kuti awonjezela ma hours kuchoka pa 8 kufika pa 14 mmmm sikuti zisintha kanthu, kapitoyo nayenso anali kuti potuluka lero kodi?

  7. Mr. Kapito….just remain quite….ngati ndalama zakuthelani then go home and start farming….I was one person who respected the man but allass……..he is useless

  8. Mark his words, akatenganso nthawi asanayankhule mudzawakumbutse… Ayamba kuyamikira boma tsopano, kenako timva kuti ayamba ndale, chifukwa nde zabookatu… Mmmmmh.

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