Cholera: Immigration Department stands cautious


In the wake of increased cholera outbreak in neighboring nations, Malawi is taking no chances in taming further spread of the disease into the country.

In Zambia, it has been reported that over a thousand cases have been reported with over fifty deaths on record thus far.

In another nation bordering Malawi, Tanzania, cases have also been recorded according to media reports.

Malawi24 reported a few days ago of an outbreak hitting Lilongwe.

In Malawi four people have died due to cholera since the start of the current rainy season while 150 people have been hospitalized.

Nkhatabay, Karonga and Lilongwe are among districts that have been affected by the outbreak.
Karonga has registered 78 cases with 2 deaths. New cases have been registered at Kaporo, Nyungwe, St Annes 2 and Karonga District Hospital.

But the Immigration Department says it has set aside strenuous measures in Malawi’s borders to ensure cholera does not spread further in Malawi.

“Immigrants suspected to have been infected are being screened and rendered with treatment,” said the Department’s spokesperson Joseph Chauwa.

The Immigration Department has since asked Malawians to report illegal immigrants as a way of preventing the further spread of cholera in the country.

“We received the reports that neighbouring countries are facing same problems as such we are asking Malawians to work together with us to avoid further spread of this pandemic,” Chauwa said.
Recently, minister of health asked Malawians to be hygienic and take responsibility to avoid the disease.



  1. How can we be safe while free entry from zambia-malawi through Nchinji&other Northen regions parts this is actually risk individuals.

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