Another Malawian woman gives birth to four


A 24-year-old Malawian woman has given birth to four babies, weeks after another also had quadruplets.

The woman identified as Fales Diverias delivered the four at Mchinji district hospital last night.

Diverias had the four – two boys and two girls – without any medical complications according to health officials at the hospital.

Some weeks ago, another woman in Mzuzu also gave birth to four kids.

Meanwhile, Diverias is asking the general public for support.

Malawi’s population with the absence of tight child bearing policies hovers around 17 million.

Analysts have kept saying the ever increasing population places the nation which is struggling economically in more heightened struggle for resources.



  1. The population is at 17 million. Ten million families each giving birth quadrant = 10 million ×4 plus 10 million = 50 million plus 7 million = close to 60 million in 12 months

  2. Umenewu mwayi kapena tsoka? Mayi ameneyutu akuyenera kungotseka uchembere, Mulungu awakulitse bwino anawo… Ndipo uwu ndi mwayi kwa aja akusowa ana, kungokachita adopt basi… Mmmmmmh.

    1. Chikondi, Ukasowa Cholemba Uzingosiya Osalemba Kapena Post Uzingoiwona Basi Chifukwa Zomwe Ukulembazi Ngati Mwana Wang’ono Wa Standard 5

    1. The story is on face book! When you pronounce something to someone, it does not matter where one is, that is the power of words. When you receive good or congratulatory message on the radio it does not require you to be in the radio,

  3. ’24 yr old woman’, four babies, ??? ehh!…… to be honest here, 4 is just too much. Imagine what the mother and her 4 children will have to go through. how is that even a blessing?

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