Luanar fracas: Four students to be questioned


A month after students from Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (Luanar) held violent protests at Bunda campus, the university management is to question four students today.

Last month students from the college were involved in running battles with the police while protesting against prolonged power cuts at the college.

Bunda students demonstrating last year.

Management is today expected to conduct a disciplinary hearing for four students who were alleged to have been involved in the fracas on 12th December, 2017.

The four students are Banarbas Chimkwita, Dhumisani Kalamba, Wezi Chunga and Christina Kimu.

The fracas started after the students were denied a bus by management to ferry them to Escom House at City Centre, where the students wanted to deliver a petition on the persistent blackouts on December 7 last year.

During the protest, the students closed a road, burned tyres, damaged property and injured some workers.

Police responded by firing teargas at the students and they also arrested some of the students. The campus was closed the following day.



  1. Ndiye mukawafunsako zitanthauza chani? Kapena mwadyetsedwanso ndicholinga chofuna kupondeleza zauja adaphedwa ndapolice uja? Mukuoneka kuti muli ndikena kake kamene akunyengelela nakoni inu

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