Cholera outbreak spreading

Malawi cholera.

…Two new cases in Salima

Days after health officials confirmed cholera case in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe, two more new cases have been reported in Salima.

According to the ministry of health, cases of cholera have increased to five in Lilongwe, with patients being admitted at Bwaila and Kawale health centers in the city.

Malawi cholera.
Two more Cholera cases have been reported in Salima.(File)

Spokesperson for the ministry of health, Joshua Malango said other two cases have been reported in Salima and they await samples to be analyzed.

“We have two suspected cases in Salima from one family and they are being treated at Salima district hospital, we are treating them as cholera patients because of the signs and symptoms as we wait for the results,” said Malango.

On Thursday, minister of health Atupele Muluzi urged Malawians to follow hygienic principles to curb the spread of cholera outbreak.

Muluzi said government is working through health surveillance assistants in urging people in the country to have hygienic places.

Salima becomes the fourth district in the country to record cholera cases since last year.




  1. Karen Sakala Moyo, Emma Abel Come check this out, thought we were the only ones suffering from chole.,…..kutomolazina nkulakwa!

  2. These blue men are busy drinking and womanising yet people are dying out there!If this cholera is left unchecked,it will be a national crisis!Muluzi Atupele,mind you!You are playing with peoples’ lives!

  3. Pascal Mwale Kennedy Mulenga Chisanga Raphael Bwalya Paul Kambole Kansi even in Malawi they also “manufacture” cholera. I thot it was just made by fwebene here in Zambia. Africa my Africa!

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