Speaker faults MPs for rejecting 50+1

Malawi Parliament

Speaker of Malawi National Assembly Richard Msowoya has faulted Members of Parliament (MPs) for rejecting the electoral reforms bills that included the controversial 50+1 system of electing the president.

Addressing chiefs in Karonga district, Msowoya disclosed that the current system of electing the president fuels irregularities that leads to election results being contested in courts hence MPs should have passed the 50+1 bill.

Richard Msowoya
Msowoya: The current system of electing the president fuels irregularities.

He added that the simple majority of electing the president in the country does not promote transparency and accountability.

During the recent parliamentary sitting government MPs opposed the passing of electoral reforms bills in parliament.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmakers were joined by People’s Party (PP) legislators in shooting down the bills.

Meanwhile, PP spokeperson Noah Chimpeni has disclosed that the party plans to take action against some of its lawmakers for voting against the electoral reforms bills in the national assembly.

Chimpeni disclosed further that PP MPs were supposed to support the passing of the bills in the recent sitting as it was the stand of the party.



  1. Fellow Malawians don’t be fooled, opposition mps may be blamed or claimed to be bribed, but know for sure that man do plan but God fulfills the plans so whatever happened to disallow 50+1 is God Himself who is in control.

  2. Mr. Speaker is trying to give us something a layman can’t understand. You mean the speaker himself, Rt. Hon. Richard Msowoya has faulted fellow M. Ps for rejecting 50+1? Was 50+1 canvassed in good faith or it was a destroyer of democracy? I thought on the other side, speaker and the state president frequently meet and share notes and I assume the president raised concern over the rocket speed the issue of 50+1 was taking. Obviously the speaker himself knew way before that the issue is going to be shot down. As an opposition M.P himself the speaker is simply trying to share sympathies with fellow opposition M.Ps, those of MCP more especially. As a national assembly judge, the speaker is supposed to be neutral by accepting the outcome of that infamous issue, 50+1.

    1. reasoning is the important, it is written that in all our getting we should get wisdom, 50+1 will not change anything, ok I could have supported it if it will create job for the youth, if it will give power to citizens that when an mp fail to deliver what he promice he/she should be impeached. but this will just show that the president has been chosen by majority as a youth what is the benefit from that?

    2. bring something which will lead to development to the nation, justice and the change of life, I have the role to play but not on this thing which will not change the life of Malawians

  3. Sindinawelenge khaniyi koma olakwa ndimkaziyu sangamenye mamuna pagulu komanso mamunayo anakapanga report ku police landlord apanso ndiwolakwa sangatulutse dzovala panja

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