NRB explains expiry dates on national IDs

Malawians have been questioning the expiry dates on the national identity cards since images of sample national IDs were first released.

The National Registration Bureau (NRB) has now spoken out on the issue.

Fulatira: Has confirmed the development.

According to NRB, the IDs were supposed to be issued after a person turned 16 and with the ID expiring after 10 years.

“This means if you get an ID at 16, it will expire at your 26th birthday.

“Afterwards, it will expire when you turn 36, 46, 56, 66, 76 and so forth,” says the statement signed by NRB spokesperson Norman Fulatira.

Fulatira in the statement observes that Malawians registered at different ages hence all cards have different expiry dates to ensure that they expire when the holder is 26 or 36 or 46 and so forth according to the holder’s current age.

“Those who registered at 22 years old have only four years remaining before their 26th birthday.

“Therefore, their cards will only have four years to expire,” says Fulatira in the statement.

Over 9 million Malawians registered for the national IDs in 2017 and the NRB is currently distributing the IDs.



  1. I knew about this IDs b4 coz kumalawi kuno ndikochititsa manyazi. Anthu ochita bwino kale they like to set a money trap on poor malawians, SHAME ON U GUYS

  2. If your face will change in ten years, why not use finger prints, coz finger prints will never change for life mmmmm?

  3. don’t worry pple we have already vote someone in 2019 bola zawozo zatheka!!! ine changa exp at 2021″MY FOOT”ZA ZIIIIIII kkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Imagine there is people in the villages who have 5 to 10 children in a family are they going to manage renewing the IDs? They don’t manage to feed themselves or buy soap for themselves

    Government should consider this other wise they will chase their own people in their own country

  5. Just want to punish poor Malawians, lets see how much will it cost,for a card which u criticised was at only 50.00

    1. Get out you idiot. Was that an ID? Is a black an identity of a human being? Why don’t you use your head to reason other than your mouth?

    2. Joseph don’t u know that the card had identification particulars?ur the broot!u know nothing by the way how old are u?

  6. Expiry date ilibe vuto, vuto lili poti munthu azikaperekanso ndalama ngati IDyake yachita xpire. Apapa akonze, otherwise… Mmmmmh.

  7. Never that is nonsense lD i never heard expire date,comeon Malawi think before you act,go to RSA and ask the how do they operate their citizens id?

  8. Mr Fulatira, greetings from Nzanzi, what mechanism would you put in place for Malawian abroad, for instance we have almost 3.4 million Malawians based in South Africa.
    I was proposing if you may suggest of putting centers in Malawi Embassies.
    Thanks for the job well done funso ndi ili a Jehovah Witness akuti bwanji?
    Rev Dr Angus Butao
    South Africa

    CELL: 0783728832/0843731304

  9. Cashgate malawi
    ID expiry date Malawi
    Amuna okha okha banja Malawi
    Kupha albino Malawi
    Blackout Malawi
    Ine nikwatira mzulu ku jon komwe kuno cause am tire of this shit. Where is this all nonsense comes from? Kunalibeko zonsezi

  10. That is nonsense. The country is poor and still want to replace id’s every 10 ten years. Cry my beloved country

  11. am suprised a national ID to get expired? am from zambia,once a person gets its once nd for all unless u loose it u ll be able to replace, no expirely date as if its a voters cards. mmmmm! uwafya

    1. Ndechani chimenecho… Why not usng a language that can be comprehended by others, huh? You who claim2b Zambian koma ukukambanso zaPhalombe, you are misleading us… Mmmmmh.

    2. @enock let chikondi Daniel be are those kind ov pipo we call them yes boss wht ever comes frm rich pipo they think is right bt to ma understanding national ids don’t expire u only renew it whn u lost it so this so called daniel mmmm will never listen so u cant teach an old cow to new tricks let him be guys

  12. Mine is a question to be clarified, what is the aim and the meaning of expiry of national identity card? Does our Government find away of making business from the nationals , please clarify if it with remain free for ever! Cause if it is free remember it will resume the Government funds that could help and improve in our hospitals and our roads! By Gonnamnguyi Msiska. Thank you all!

  13. Boma la lamalawi ndi laziphuphu kufuna kuti gwila mmaso ine ndilibe passport komaso ID iliyonse koma ndine mmalawi basi sindidanda ula kalikonse

  14. What will happen if the ID expire and you don’t renew because renewing will attract money. I don’t see many Malawian affording this. Citizenship being expired wow many will not be Malawian

  15. Black girls will be yellow bones in next five years. Anyamata mukhala azibambo in next 10 years. so vuto ndichani? Will it be fair 28yr old man using the face of 18 yrs boy?

  16. Now we start to expire in our own land, how come the citizen get expired in your mama land? This means something else undisclosed let’s Wait and see

    1. akapito musatikumbutsepo malemu devis. .tili joz bra ndipo kuno kulibe expired date pa ma ID awo plz osamamgoonetsa makani anu pagulu ayi

    2. @kapito ids never expires bra it only expere whn ure dead and I got sa id it only mention date ov issue ur day year ov birth not wht ukukambazo kkkkkk

    1. ukuchedwa ndiwe kawina sinanga waonapo Id yomwei ndiye akamukunamiza azako umavomela ukundiuza kuti iweo pofika 2021 udzakhala citizen ya tz kuti uziti mzik izikhala ndi expire kkkkk eish amalawife vito ndi yes boss kumangoveleza zilizonse

  17. I dont understand the explanation of this article, what happens to driving licenses?
    If its 10 years, let it be 10 years expiry time.
    This should be corrected. I got this ID when just turned 25, does this mean that this year have to renew it?
    Tell me its a joke and kinda of grabbing us.

  18. Wangokula Ndiumbava Bas Cz Expire Akutanthauzanji?Cholinga Tikamazapanga Renew Tizalipile,ngat Ndili Mzika Ndine Mzika Bas, Akut 2021 Umzika Wa Zaka Zitatu Bas? Umzika Ndiumeneo?

  19. Wangokula Ndiumbava Bas Cz Expire Akutanthauzanji?Cholinga Tikamazapanga Renew Tizalipile,ngat Ndili Mzika Ndine Mzika Bas, Akut 2021 Umzika Wa Zaka Zitatu Bas? Umzika Ndiumeneo?

  20. No problem with ID expiry date becoz after ten years one’s face may change hence needs replacement. the only problem I see here is money for renewal.

    1. that means if ur 16 expiry date is 2026 and if ur 20 it will be 2026 as well but u will only use it for 6 years unlike the first one who will use it for 10 years

  21. Every initiative happening has revenue aspects attached just because our leaders are too lazy to establish income generation sources. It’s a fact that an individual’s citizenship will never expire unless logical reasons and processes that an individual declares them selves as no longer Malawian. For those who see will notice that renewal of citizenship will attract a fee which shall go to account number 1 and get abused! Malawi is a sorry state under normal circumstances it is the least country that anyone would want to stay!

    1. I wonder if Dyson is really serious, we have had IDs and other related documents,MEC ID,COLLEGE ID,MANEB ID, DRIVING LICENCE,EMPLOYEE ID just to mention but a few.All these have expiary dates,hence attracts a fee on renewal.There you are,shameless neither reviling your own country while portraying stiupidness that none would ever imagine,you are really pathetic!

    2. #Matias hahahaha your reasoning is in a sorry state all those documents you indicated have to expire for example college ID once you graduate it’s not valid. How on earth would someone’s nationality become invalid? Am not convinced with your reasoning it’s too shallow! a preschool can’t even reason like that!

    3. If at all it will be the ID holder then its vetter we would have stayed without IDs. That will mean the government is robbing its own poor people

    4. Have you ever been at college? college IDs expires when one completes studies to prevent him fron accessing college services like health services

    5. Driver’s license,passports etc do expire but where on earth does the NRC s expire. You mean you will no longer be a Malawian citizen? ??.

    6. Kkkkkkkk some people are very pathetic indeed. Arguing that expiring of an ID renders the holder losing his nationality is very sorry. What happens when one’s passport expires? Does s/he loses the nationality? Our Mozambican counterparts have national ID which become invalid after passage of a prescribed period of time.

    7. #Joseph bring tangible arguments here which ID are you talking about? Do you know that passport is an IF? Comparing national ID and passport is a non starter do you know the requirements for possessing a passport? Do you know that there are alot of people legally possessing malawi passport but they have a different national ID? Ever heard about people holding two passports from different countries? Yet they don’t possess national IDs from both countries? Go to immigration and try to understand what it takes to obtain a passport and find out if holding a Malawian passport conclusively you are a Malawian national…wake up! then why should you renew your national ID if you remain a malawian national upon expiration of your national ID? I can’t see sense in your argument

    8. Kkkkkkkk eish, where on earth would a person hold a passport of another country when he or she doesn’t qualify? Of course a passport is an ID everybody knows that, that is why i brought it up. One holds passports of two different countries if that person qualifies for it in the second country. That is dual citizenship. Therefore our national IDs could also be issued to anyone who have stayed in Malawi for not less than seven years coz they become citizens after that period of time. So i don’t understand your argument.

    9. @joseph passport and national ids are different just because we didn’t hv ids we were told to go to our chiefs and TA to confirm our citizenship so zat immigration can trust our information we render to them is true and in so doing this ids are part ov those letters we obtain so here is the question is the letter which we collect firm our chiefs expired does the chief tell us whn our citizenship end and I know we are new in this system bt let go to SA idis why are they not expired? wht I know joseph u only renew Ids whn u lost it nt u got the card then u hv to renew it how many times will we renew it. no citizen got expired unless he or she is dead so what if I dont hv money to renew it what will going to happens
      and its wrong to campare ids and those ov maneb or any college Ids c those are prescribed tym national ids pipo

  22. Tava kale kuti tidzidzalipira popangitsa renew ndipo ma expiry date akukhala osiyana ena 2021 ena 2029 zikukhala bwanji pamenepo? Tiuuzeni chilungamo tidziwe choona chenicheni haha

    1. Kkkkkkkk koma u guys! The truth of the matter is that an ID will be invalid after the holder reaches 36 years of age. Those who registered at 16 will see their ID valid for 10 years. Now when you get another ID at the age of 36, it will be valid until it expires at 46 years of age and so on

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