Lunguzi mad at Mutharika


Hell certainly hath no fury than an opposition MP angered.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Dedza East Juliana has questioned President Peter Mutharika’s decision to appoint Paramount Chief Lundu as chairperson of the Malawi Blood Transfusion Services (MBTS) Board of Trustees.

Lunguz: One wonders, is this the right person?

In a post on Facebook, Lunguzi argued that the traditional leader has been tasked with chairing a board that deals with issues that are technical in nature.

“One wonders, is this the right person to achieve the outcome of the organisation? Was the decision done without enough Information? Did we consider the person or the organisation? Did we consider what we are dealing with?” she wrote.

Her post attracted numerous comments with many commenters supporting the legislator, saying Mutharika should have appointed a health professional as chairperson of the board.

However, others defended Mutharika noting that there are technical people in the board of trustees who will assist Lundu.

They also justified the appointment by arguing that the chief will mobilise people in rural areas to donate blood hence helping the organisation achieve its goals.

But Lunguzi fired back saying the MBTS is a lifesaving organisation that needs a technical person as a chairperson. She suggested that Lundu should have been appointed as a member with a technical person being appointed chairperson.

“How do you provide leadership on such technical issues? And we wonder our institutions are collapsing. This organisation has lifesaving roles. If they had chosen Lundu for MBC chairmanship I wouldn’t have raised my finger but this is a lifesaving organisation. Your arguments are missing that point. He can be chosen anywhere for all I care but MBTS, I doubt he will be effective,” said Lunguzi.



  1. Juliana wen are u getting married, u are not becoming younger sisi

  2. Ine chimene ndachiona apa ndichoti ku dera la a chief Lundu uko kuyaba zilombo zija amati ma blood sacker. Akungokupepelesani anthuwo muwona pasanapite miyezi. Amfumuwo alowa nawo mu gulu la zilombo zopopa magazi anthu.
    Keep my words you will see.

  3. Juliana is right….Lundu wake uti……Wachambayi…..guys lets be realistic….Lundu cant be at the top of MBTS….ndi munthu osamva …ndale zinamulowa….

  4. Zooonadi timapita ku school kukachotsa umbuli koma uchitsiru umatsala

  5. I’ve never seen stupit president like you APM… You can appoint chief Lundu as your garden boy, we wouldnt careless, but chairperson of MBTS? We are talking about people’s lives here.You have shown your whole madness. Next year we will show you where to get off with your craziness.

  6. KKKKKK Mukuti Lundu amusankha kuti akhale ndani? Koma zinazi kuwawitsa mutu, kuvutika ndikampain kumeneko? Lunduyo azikataniko mbts? Izi tiye timati zaziiiiiiii ukalamba aluluwa wawavuta kwambiri, ndiye muzikapelekatu nokha magaziwo ngati magazi Amavuta kuli anthu ozitsata kuli bwanji nzanu mwamuikau ndiye anthu akufatu coz uyu ndiye anthu amadana naye kale ndi kale mwazilowetsanso ndale zinthu zija? Eish muzikapeleka nonkha magaziwo ndithu

  7. very sad indeed, our president is loosing touch here. How can he do that. we are dealing with peoples health here. Now what the president has done is like injecting poison in our blood veins so we should die fast. Lundu is not good at all, mpopa magazi ameneyu

  8. Mutharika is very dull as chief Lundu himself, appeasement will do us no good

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