Karonga hire Oscar Kaunda

Karonga United

Civil Sporting Club’s Oscar Kaunda has now joined Karonga.

Reports indicate Kaunda has been appointed assistant coach for newly promoted Karonga United.

According to a source, Kaunda put pen to paper as Karonga United assistant coach on Tuesday, 2nd January 2018.

Kaunda: Now assistant coach for Karonga United.

Kaunda will be assistant to head coach Christopher Nyambose and they are expected to start working on 20th January.

However, Nyambose has not yet signed a contract with the club but he is expected to sign on Thursday, 4th January.

Malawi24 failed to talk to Kaunda for his comment since his phone could not be reached.

Kaunda once worked as assistant coach for Karonga United before the team was relegated in the 2016 season.

Karonga United officials want the club to have a good technical panel in order to avoid relegation in the Tnm Super League next season.

The club has previously been relegated on two occasions.



  1. Good for the club and people of karonga. we need this team to survive. hunt for at least three experienced players as well

  2. Something not well adding up here. Oscar was assistant coach at civo a team with steady funding from Govt. Now he is joining Karonga united on same position a team that has no earmarked funding. If he went there as coach incharge yes that would add up but not going in same capacity. Please help me to understand his decision am lost

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