11 more holidays remaining in 2018


… Malawi beats developed world in resting

Nothing is worth to be valued than time and time needs to be used wisely since it can’t be retained, so goes the saying but the case is not the same in Malawi where there are too many public holidays.

According to a press statement Malawi Government released, in 2018 the country has 12 public holidays.

The country has 12 public holidays in a year.(File)

The statement says that once the holidays are on weekends they will be shifted to the next weekday.

“Please be advised, further, that where any of these holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday or within another holiday, the same holiday will further be observed on the next working day,” reads the statement.

Some quarters have argued that the holidays are too many for a developing country like Malawi considering that developed countries such as United States of America and United Kingdom have 8 each.

Commenting on the number of holidays, a Lilongwe resident said some of the holidays should have been cancelled so that people can be working to develop the country.

“They are just too much for a developing country like Malawi. We can use some of the holidays for other important economic issues.

“Let’s see USA and UK, have 8 each despite them being developed countries. I think we should not be lazy or relaxing too much since our economy is not that all good,” she told Malawi24.



  1. You haven’t seen holidays for other countries like South Africa has many holidays.youthday 16june.national women day 9august.heritage day24sept.27april freedom day.01may workers day.21march human rights day.30march and so good Friday.1 Jan new year’s day.16december day of reconciliation 17december public holiday 25december Christmas 26dece.day of good will 02april family day and give us those 18 of Malawi.why don’t we like our country?

  2. Only 11? this whole year? Man if we fail to develop after working 340 plus days do u think 11 days can add a difference? Mind u out of the 350 plus days some r even working at night… we need more holidays.. We have worked and failed tiyambe kupuma tsopano

  3. Martyrs’Day and Chilembwe day should be merged into one. And Boxing day can go and instead bring back freedom day 14June.

  4. and we need more and more holidays including on Valentine’s day (at least 2days min.)and bingu’s day,chipembere day,orton’s day,kanyama day,atati mpakati day,Malawi congress party day etc etc etc !!!!!!!!

  5. As iam saying most of companies in SA they closed on 15 dec,opening coming 15 january thats one month,few of them 2 weeks,others 1 week depending on the services they are providing,don’t lie here about our countries,we need more holidays to stay with our families

  6. Even if malawi has 1 public holiday per annum that does not translate to developing, it’s about having an enabling environment that unleashes development having electricity for production having skilled staff having enough financial resources etc most of you here go to work and almost do nothing because there is very little to do at work you are always doing routines. Mostly its the international organizations that are results based and deliver on their objectives not the Malawian civil service

  7. Thats total lie malawi is among countries with holidays.be realistic don’t degrade our country as if everything is wrong

  8. Mukunama! Check mma diaries , Malawi is among the few countries with few puoc holidays! This is a lie And must not be tolerated!

    1. @Chisomo MCHICHEWA
      ______________________pa za chitukuko cha mmaiko pali ma term awiri BASI: Developing ndi developed. palibe poor country, technically.
      -developing ndi teremu imene amagwiritsa ntchito ponena za dziko losauka losatukuka koma likuthandizidwa kuti litukuke pamene term inayo
      -developed country means dziko lolemera/lotukuka

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