Petrol shortage hits Mzuzu


There was a shortage of fuel especially  petrol in the city of Mzuzu on Tuesday when out of four fuel pumps inside the city only one filling station was selling petrol.

This comes barely two days into the new year of 2018.


Pump stations in Mzuzu of hoarding fuel

Taxi drivers Malawi24 interviewed suspected that the filling stations are hoarding petrol as they expect fuel prices to be hiked this week.

James Mkandawire one of the taxi drivers expressed disappointment with the behaviour of hoarding fuel in order to gain more profits after the expected hike.

“I am very disappointed with the behaviour of these fuel pump owners. We as taxi driver we cannot afford fueling full tank because we are running locally, so we depend on litres.

“For example when going to Luwinga from town we expect to top up at Luwinga then in town again, because we cannot afford to fill the whole tank at a time,” he said.

The situation in Mzuzu on Tuesday reminded drivers of 2012 when there was a shortage of fuel across the country and they had to sleep at filling stations waiting for fuel.





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