Karonga United appoint Nyambose as head coach

Karonga United

Newly promoted Super League side Karonga United have appointed 47-year-old Christopher Nyambose as head coach.

Karonga United
Karonga United have a new coach

Nyambose joins the club from Simama League side Fish Eagles where he was also head coach.

He has previously coached Mzuzu Escom (2004 to 2009) and also coached Jukebox fc and Mzuzu United when they were in the Super League. Nyambose was assistant coach for Malawi National womens team at the 2007 Cosafa Cup in Zambia.

He is a holder of Uefa B licence obtained in 2007 in UK/Germany, a FAM C licence, Seasonal Training Licence and Football Coaches Instructor Licence.

Commenting on the appointment, Karonga United chairperson Alufeyo Chipanga Banda said Nyambose is the right choice for the team.

“We feel he is the right person for the team since he has all required licence as far as club licencing is concerned and we hope this time Karonga United will not be relegated since we are much set to fight,” said Banda.

This is the third time for Karonga United to be promoted to the Super League.



  1. Anyambose zabwino zonse, team ndi imeneyi.koma anzathu Ku unduna wa sports tamangani ground lolozeka kuno mpoto,Mzuzu stadium basi. Musanamange pa jamba freedom park paja tatiganizireni kuno. Nafenso ndi amalawi matitenga ngati ndani kodi???.tikufuna nafenso bwalo lazamasewero lotakasuka bwino osati kungoponyamo njovu zitatu bwalo kudzadziratu.

  2. What pleases me the most is a point that we won’t be using Mzuzu stadium as our home ground. Like it or not, it will never be easy for a visiting team to win at Karonga Stadium. And it is true, relegation this time is prevented from a distance.

    Ingwina sha bina Karonga.

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