Rwandan refugees told to go home


Rwandan refugees who are living in other countries including Malawi have been urged to go back home since their country now is peaceful.

According to Rwandan government through its Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees, all the refugees from Rwanda who are still in exile are encouraged to repatriate before coming into effect of the cessation clause which is on 31st December, 2017.

Dzaleka refugee camp

Rwandan refugees asked to go back home.(File)

The cessation clause will mean that all Rwandan refugees will no longer be recognised as refugees since their country is peaceful.

In an attempt to see all the Rwandan refugees going back to their mother country, since 2011, Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugees in Rwanda has carried out different activities encouraging the refugees who are still in exile to repatriate before  the coming into effect of the Comprehensive Solutions Strategy Cessation Clause) today.

“Since Rwanda is a peaceful country, we encourage the Rwandans to repatriate before the coming into effect of the cessation clause. Further, for those who are carrying out different activities in host countries, they are advised to get necessary documents allowing them to legally live in those countries,” said the minister.

Apart from advising the Rwandans to repatriate or get proper documents, the minister also reminded the Rwandan refugees that they won’t get any support from International Humanitarian Organisations as usual from the time the cessation will come into effect.

The Cessation Clause on Rwandan refugees which comes into effect today will have no extension as it has previously been.

It is provided by 1951 Convention in its article 1 C spelling out the conditions under which refugees ceases to be called refugees.

85,596 Rwandans are reported to have been repatriated since 2009. Malawi is reported to have over 5,000 Rwandans.



  1. Kwanu nkwanu mthengo munalaka njoka, kwaweni kulibe nkuwo mutu wankhuku mchiwalo, amzanthu aku Rwanda dzipitani mukakhale ndi mtendere was muntima magetsi daily, kudya mkaka ndi uchi pa Rwanda.muyende bwino,warm heart of Rwanda.

  2. Yes, they should go back to their country, they is peace in Rwanda now, and their country is doing well in both economically and security, but for those who want to stay here in malawi as citizens then they should not stay here some how, the constution of aquarring citezen ship should be followed, they should apply for citizen ship as our constution demand inorder for them to be recognised as real malawians!

  3. Rwanda peace be unto you and you handled the war with excellent hearts may God bless and unite you all like never before and may the Spirit of God brind revival through you and spread it to the rest of Africa

  4. Is that not supposed to a choice? Some of them are married and their children also are married in a host country. Forcing them to go home can be a total disturbance to someone’s life. Those willing should and those with memories haunting them shouldn’t.

  5. Only for those living outside Africa can come back but as for those living in African countries they are home already let them stay in peace where ever they are.

  6. World dynamics u never know u might be found yourselves in rwanda or any other foreign land confortably residing there!

  7. They have to go. Rwanda is a better place to be with a colouurful visioned president. Their money is strong, there’s peace with tight security and better modern infrastructures with a rapid rated development. It’s now almost a second better country in East Africa after Kenya.

  8. Me can’t go back where I witnessed my brothers been killed like wild animals. You can say that the country is at peace but our memories will still be with us. we are oky in foreign countries thank you.

  9. Me can’t go back where I witnessed my brothers been killed like wild animals. You can say that the country is at peace but our memories will still be with us. we are oky in foreign countries thank you.

  10. Everything is okay now in Rwanda. Better than Malawi economically and socially. Malawi govt will miss them a lot. UNHCR has done a lot to Malawi govt over accommodation of Rwandans. Thanks Rwandans for good business.

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