Police officers decry lack of IDs


Police officers in Malawi Police Services (MPS) have disclosed that they are feeling unsafe since up to now they don’t have Identity Cards (IDs).


Malawi24 has established that some of the police officers in the service are just doing their job with no recognition like having an ID.

Peter MutharikaMalawi24 caught up with some of the police officers in the system who has confirmed about the issue.

“We police officers especially from 2014 intake up to now don’t have work IDs and its’ bad since we can’t be recognised in anyway as a police officers. ”

“Even uniform itself is not enough to make us identified because it is just a cloth that any ordinary citizen can wear pretending to be a police officer,” The police officer told Malawi24.

He disclosed that the development is risky since in some cases they can face troubles when no one accept that they are police officers.

“It is risky working without IDs in case you are in a certain sudden scenario where you need to be recognised as a police officer.

“I think MPS should take this seriously and make better ways of seeing all police officers in the country having IDs for recognition,” she said.

Criminals have been duping people that they are police officers with the aim of tricking them to steal their money.





  1. This tells Malawi is a peaceful country, no any police can be on duty without Identity card.
    Unfortunately government forces its citizens to have IDs while security department is not identified, whats that?
    Far as I know, anywhere before police takes any action to any criminal activity, an identification card should be produced, in this case its very bad to our nation because anybody can be a police officer at anytime to dupe people.
    This worries most because we are insecure, that is why criminals are named to be police sometimes because anybody can be a police. I request government to look into this matter in order to save us and them(police)