Judiciary staff sue govt

Malawi High Court Strike

Support staff at Malawi Judiciary have dragged ministry of finance to court for failing to pay the employees house allowances they claim they are entitled to.

According to reports, the legal action follows a meeting that the workers had with the treasury.

Malawi High Court Strike
Support staff at Malawi Judiciary still asking for their house allowances.(File)

Spokesperson for the workers Andry Hariwa has disclosed that the workers still insist they are entitled to the allowances despite government rubbishing the claims.

“Members of staff are still claiming house allowance because they are entitled to get house allowances, so considering the fact that the Attorney General brought us in court and that matter was disposed of, we have filed a fresh claim,” said Hariwa.

He added that the workers are to decide on whether to down tools early New Year to force government pay them house allowances.

The issue dates back to 2014 when the employees pushed for a 45 percent salary increment, but in line with the 46 percent that was given to the mainstream civil service, they ended up getting 18 percent and are now demanding the house allowances.

However, government has been disclosing that the workers are not entitled to the said allowances.



  1. Its a curse to be a Civil servant. Govt funds are being stolen by senior officials on daily basis yet failing to pay legitimate claim for these low grade poorly paid workers. Governent’s inaction is sadism of the worst kind.

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