60-year old man rapes two girls


Malawi Police in Mulanje are keeping in custody a 60-year-old man for raping two girls aged 7 and 9.

The suspect who is popularly known as Toyota in the district but his real name is Petro Yakobe sexually abused the girls after giving them Frozy and Kanyenya.

Rape MalawiMulanje Police spokesperson Gresham Ngwira has told Malawi24 that the accused is believed to have taken the girls to the graveyard where he raped them, one after other.

“Earlier this month the two girls aged between 7 and 9 met the suspect nicknamed “Toyota” as they were coming from school. Accompanying them, the suspect bought a bottle of Frozy and some local snacks (Kanyenya) for them.

“When the three were passing by a certain graveyard, the suspect started defiling the young girls one after another and threatened them not to tell anyone saying if they do so, he would kill them,” Ngwira said in an interview.

He added that after hiding the ordeal for some days, the victims disclosed the matter to a community member who told the victims’ parents.

“Later the issue was reported to police and then the suspect was arrested,” said Ngwira.

Yakobe is expected to appear before the court very shortly to answer the charge of defilement contrary to section 138 of the Malawian penal code.

The suspect hails from Malepwete Village in the area of Senior Chief Chikumbu in the tea growing district.



  1. Alright because they were under 10.
    60 years he is an old man and don’t tell me they were over 17 years. Most times men have relationships with young girl but over 17 years then after their sex relations uncovered, girl’s parents or a girl herself start claiming she was forced. So 60 year old man to rape, depending on physical fitness to overpower two girls; I guess girls were really children and he must face the law

  2. Osamangoti Alomwe Alomwe ayi. Bamboyo ndi myao (Petro Yakobe AKA Toyota)from malepwete village T/A Chikumbu who has two wives as well, one wife from milambe vg & other from chidumu vg T/A Mthiramanja. The incident happened on wednesday when he bought snacks to convice those 2 children. Thnx ndipo za alomwezo zithe. Mapeto ake tithamangitsa mitundu ina yonse ikupedzeka kuno kuti tisale alomwe okhaokha muzitinena bwino.

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