Peter Sambo, Dan Lu redesign New Year’s anthem


Renowned gospel musician Peter Sambo has teamed up with internationally recognised local musician Dan Lu in the recreation of the New Year’s anthem which first came out in 2004.

Tachilowa Chaka, a song considered to be a symbol for New Year in Malawi has been delivered fresh during this festive season. Its release raises the mood high ahead of the New Year.

Peter Sambo collaborates with Dan Lu.

As a way of maintaining the concept, not much change has been made to the tune. It remains a celebratory song for the New Year’s season.

“Tachilowa chaka china musayese chapafupi, moyo wanga zindikira ndichisomo cha Mulungu, anthu ena anagona tulo tosabweleraso, ali ndicholinga nawe chauta mu chakachi (we’ve reached another year by the grace of God and don’t take it for granted, others have not been favoured to reach this years, God has a purpose for keeping you alive),” sounds the chorus

What mainly differentiate the original version from the refixed one, is the instrumentation. In the remix, a more danceable beat has been married to the vocals.

The collaborating duo praises God for the favour of letting them reach another year. This is done in a higher spirited manner to keep touch with the season which calls for a happy mood.

Tachilowa Chaka has been making noise during New Year’s time for the past thirteen years. Production of its remix has warmly welcomed by people in the country.



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