DPP, PP clash on alliance

Conflicting reports have erupted on who proposed the political ties between Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and opposition People’s Party (PP).

Reports reveal PP proposed the working relationship with ruling DPP to foster development in the country.

DPP, PP alliance clashing.

DPP leader Peter Mutharika told the local press that PP lawmakers expressed commitment to supporting ruling party’s policies.

“Members had discussions with leader of the house honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa for the possibility of working relationship, so they came and I met them I think sixteen or seventeen of them and they said they want to support government policies,” said Mutharika.

But PP’s spokesperson Noel Chimpeni has disclosed that it was DPP that proposed a political date with PP through an invitation to Kamuzu palace in Lilongwe.

“Members of the house went to the State House after being invited to work with DPP in Parliament and outside Parliament and our stand was that he (Mutharika) should talk to our founding president Dr Joyce Banda,” said Chimpeni.

 Chimpeni is on record to have said that PP is making national consultations with its members on whether to accept the working relationship.

 During the recent Parliament sitting, PP lawmakers shot down the electoral reforms bills in solidarity with DPP legislators who have been expressing discomfort with the bills.



  1. musatikwanepo APA,,,MCP boma chaka cha mawa

  2. Expect a Babylonian scenario. God is gonna confuse all evil planers with different languages in order to scatter them all.

  3. PP should stand steady. Why should they now be relevant to development when for the past three years they were nothing to DPP. It is only foolish people who can be used like it has been with AFORD and UDF. These were big parties but thru greed they are regional. Nonsense. The alliance is aimed at 2019 , not the present. Few top people will have immediate benefits. Like it happened to Atupele

  4. PL should stand on its own. Alliances benefit only few people. Failing that, just disband and disappoint people who have been very loyal to the party. The last the years have been a testing time for endurance. Rebuilding a satellite party from ar an alliance is difficult. Look at AFORD! UK will dwindle the same way.

    1. udzayiona link ukutsutsabe for lyf..why do you guyz stress kulimbana ndi chipani choti simungachigwetse by all means??

    2. Your vote is not for all Malawians. We will vote on which Government we prefer. More over at my youthful age I can’t support nosense by voting an 81 year old man to be my State President regardless any political affiliation. What strange can he bring to me? Zimbabwe was a better home to stay before Mugabe’s old age. That’s a great lesson we Africans must see

  5. Wawa Apa Njovu Zakumana.Ndiye Kaya Zitha Bwanji?Mmene Mungapangiremo Ife Ndindani Pamanso Panu.Mukazalumananso Tizamva.

    1. And president ananena kuti PP & DPP have the same agenda komanso naye Uladi MUSSA anati DPP & PP one anachokera Ku UDF.

    2. Kusonyeza kt zonse ndi mbava, ku UDF its lyk father lyk son. Adyera okha okha, ku PP its wa cashgate angamukhulupilire ndani, tidamva peter muthalika akutiuza kt JB adaba ndalama pano mbava ija akufna kugwira nayo ntchito? DPP UDF n PP, simungatiuze zachilendo.

  6. What D P P Wanted Was To Help Them To Defeat Reforms Bills In Parliament Ndipo Panopa Sakuwafunso A P P Chikondi Cha Nkhwangwa, Atambwali Sametana

  7. Anthu awa ndiosakhulupilika.Wina aliyense amafuna akhale iyeyo,mchifukwa chake Malawi sazatukuka KUSAUKA BASI,ngati zikumavuta migwirizano choncho,bwanji aliyense aziyenda yekha(Chipani chilichonse chizipanga zawo).Atsogoleri alero amalawi.

  8. I suspect that the desperate one proposed the alliance!!! This crazy world!!! Masipula Sithole: Politicians have neither permanent friends nor enemies – they have permanent interests ( to politically survive)!!!

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