Community of St Egidio eat lunch with Chichiri inmates

Kamangila(left),Lutepo(middle) and Father Tamani from the right :sharing some moments.

Joining fellow Christians around the world in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, the community of St Egidio in Blantyre extended love to Chichiri Prison inmates by providing delicious meal to the prisoners.

Speaking during the event, one of the members of Community of St Egidio Alexious Kamangila said the prisoners are among people neglected by the society hence the gesture.

“A part from the food we are here with you because we believe the precious gift is the gospel and through the friendship that we have we are able to preach here the Good News of our Lord, who was born for the poor, people in prisons, so that they may have hope in Him,” said Kamangila.

Concurring with Kamangila, Vicar General for Blantyre archdiocese Father Boniface Tamani advised the prisoners to be productive in readiness of listening to the walls.

“The prison is a place for reformation and I hope if they can use opportunities available in the prison they can be productive after completing their sentences, we have heard reports of some prisoners doing well in their MSCE (Malawi School Certificate of Education) exams.

“And am encouraging them also to love and care for one other, we are here to show them that Jesus Christ loves them and the Church also love them,” said Tamani.

He added further by urging the prisoners to be reflecting on the crimes they committed as they prepare to live in various societies after serving jail terms.

Supreme Court judge, Justice Dustin Mwaungulu applauded the Community of St Egidio for giving lunch to prisoners who mostly eat once in a day.

“Jesus Christ was eating with people who were taken as sinners to show his love to them, am happy to join the community of St Egidio as they are eating with prisoners who are in one way or other taken as sinners because that’s exactly what Jesus was doing,” said Mwaungulu.

The event was spiced up by traditional dances, namely Kadzukuta and popular gule wamkulu who dropped jaws of many who attended the celebration.

The lunch was sponsored by Superior Halaal, Mbeta and Company, Rab processors, La Carvena and several individuals.




  1. This is indeed the good gesture and its necessary that we learn to help one another regardless of ones condition. As the Jesus taught us in mathew 25;31-43

    Live community of st egidio for you are a good example and you bring joy to the poor!


  2. Assuming that a prisoner who killed one of your relations comes forward to grab that delicious meal that you have carried, would you let that prisoner eat that meal or what would you do?

  3. Izi ndizosowa pa Malawi pano Yehova akudalitseni.Musapange nyengo ya Christmas yokhai aii.mutha kumapita pakatha mwezi umodzi, anthuwa akupezeka kumeneko osati adzizunzidwa ayi koma akonzeke,tiyeni anzathu andale titengere chitsanzo chimene achita amzathuwa,osamangoba ndalama zaboma,mawa ndinu.

  4. Very well done! Actually that’s what our Pope Francis has been preaching and all our priests and bishops should learn from these people. Thank you

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