Vuwa, Chiumia differ on Jappie


Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) politicians Symon Vuwa Kaunda and Grace Chiumia have differed on the status of minister of transport and public work Hon Jappie Mtuwa Mhango in the Northern Region.

The two made contrasting remarks regarding Mhango at a rally the party organised rally at Katoto secondary school in Mzuzu.

Kaunda(Left) Jappie Mhango is DPP’s heavyweight in the North.

In his speech, presidential adviser Kaunda declared Mhango the party’s heavyweight for the Northern Region.

“We should never be cheated by other people in DPP who call themselves heavyweights, today I want to tell you who is our heavyweight in the North as far as DPP is concerned.

“Honourable Jappie Mtuwa Mhango is our heavyweight here in the North and no one can deny this statement,” said Kaunda.

 But Chiumia who is a Member of Parliament and Minister of Civic Education disagreed saying Mhango is not a heavyweight of the party.

She said Malawians who elect politicians by voting during elections are the heavyweights of the party.

Chiumia: Mhango is not a heavyweight of the party.

“I just want to comment on the statement made by Vuwa Kaunda, Jappie Mhango is not our heavyweight but you people who wake up in the morning voting for us and put us where we are today, you are our heavyweights here in the North,” said Chiumia.

 The guest of honour at the rally was the party’s Secretary General Jeffrey wa Jeffrey who asked members of the party to be united for the DPP to win the 2019 tripartite elections.

 Mzuzu city MP Leonard Njikho and Rev Mzomera Ngwira were some of the party members who attended the function.



  1. If I am to become a President of Malawi today I square to you , all politicians will be thrown to jail,

  2. Let Them Fight, Each And Every Party Member Will Show His/her Colours In 2018 After Budget Session, They Are All Opportunists

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