MP regrets voting against 50+1 bill


A Member of Parliament (MP) from Mzimba has said sorry to her constituents  for rejecting the 50 percent + 1 bill in Parliament.

Mzimba North East MP Olipa Muyaba told her constituents she regrets not voting for the Presidential, Parliamentary and Local Government Elections Bill.


Parliament shot down the 50+1 bill

The bill which is one of the Electoral Reforms Bills aims at changing the system of electing president, MPs and Councillors from the current system to 50 percent+1.

“I would like to tell people of my constituency that I owe them an apology for saying ‘no’ to the bill without consulting them. Sorry for that and I apologise,” Muyaba told her constituents at Ekwendeni in the district.

She claimed that she rejected the bill because it included new provisions hence was different to the one being advocated by Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

During the meeting the voters told the legislator to avoid being used by the Democratic Progressive Party government.

They also ordered her to withdraw her vote on the 50 percent+1 bill by writing the Speaker of Parliament before Sunday.

Special Constituency Taskforce Chairperson Gerald Dube told the local media that they called for a meeting with the MP after observing that it was the second time she had voted contrary to the constituents’ wishes.

“The first time was during the debate on land bills. People in the constituency opposed them but she voted in support of them. So, we thought it is only proper to remind her of her duties,” he said.


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