Four in custody over chamba


Police in Dedza are keeping in custody four men who have been arrested for being found in possession of 36 bags of cannabis sativa popularly known as chamba.

The suspects have been identified as Andrew Mkwanda, 40, Owen Namaputu aged 31, Nicholas Nyambalo, 30, and Samson Issa aged 35.

MachingaKabango said the four were travelling in a Mitsubishu canter registration number BL 3583 as they were on their way from Mzimba when police stopped them at Dedza police roadblock.

Police found the cannabis after a thorough check.

The suspects will appear in court soon to answer the charge of being found in possessing of cannabis sativa.

The arrest of the four comes days after police arrested a Zimbabwean national and two Malawians for being found in possession of the illegal drug (Chamba) the district.

In an interview, Kabango identified the three as Zimbabwean Taodzera Gwetse 30, and Malawians Aaron Phiri, 31, from Chambwe village in the area of Traditional Authority Malili in Lilongwe and Fickson Kadyaufa Phiri, 46, of Muwalo Village T/A Njolomole in Ntcheu.

He said the trio were arrested at Dedza border after being found in possession of nine bags weighing 50 kilograms each.

“The trio were travelling in a freightliner truck registration number ZA2180 which belongs to Almeda Transport and it was being driven by the third accused person Jackson Kadyaufa Phiri,” said Kabango.

According to Kabango, the vehicle was going to Beira while the drug was being transported to Zimbabwe.



  1. So many benefits of Chamba for health care that Canada will legalize Chsmba July 2018, similar to 1/2 of American States.

    Malawi needs money they should make it an export item to these countries as well as help their citizens for certain medical conditions.

    When will Malawi catch up to the rest of the world and stop living in poverty.

  2. Fire bond de police officez fi arrestng innocent pple,we see dis bobo klat on dis streets smokng as wel and by de way de jct lie 2 us kut amakaocha chamba amango suta china kugulisa

  3. hey they is nothing wrong as the guys did not steal ndarama yavuta let them do business and support their families arresting them for what???

  4. Leave those guys pliz they are innocent,can you go fastly arest JB + chaponda &dere frnds who r invovd in cash gte,pliz.

  5. UChitsir umenewu udzatha lit? Tipange za minyanga mutimange tigulitse ganja mitimangeso tiotche makala mutigwileso ndye tipange biznes yanji aboma musamale

  6. marijuana might even replace alot.of useless commercial drugs and imprive the economy … just that our so called “government ” are the biggest sellers of cannabis why are they roaming freely ??