SOS in campaign for children


SOS Children’s Villages Malawi has raised awareness on the need for children to have guardians as part of its campaign called “No Child Should Grow up Alone” in the country.

The organization organised a caravan parade in Lilongwe on Wednesday to deliver its message to the general public.

National Family Planning Strengthening Coordinator Philip Tegha said children deserve guardians to take care of them.

”Our focus is to encourage all of us to make sure that we have responsibilities as families and the communities to make sure no any single child should grow up alone,” Tegha said.

According to Tegha, SOS Children’s Villages Malawi is geared to end the problem by challenging every responsible person to take part in the campaign so that no child should grow up alone in the country.

“We are challenging every parent, every community leader, government, non-governmental organizations and some of the private sector to support families so that children in this country should end up being responsible citizens when they will grow up. Children should be given an opportunity to grow in a family setup and also to make sure that children’s should not end up in child care institutions,” he said.

The caravan parade began behind Cresta Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe and ended at Nayeli Trading Centre with stops at various places such as Area 24 ground, Wakawaka and Nanjiri Trading Centers.

Malawi’s well known artist Skeffa Chimoto was the speaker during the caravan whereby he was encouraging parents and all responsible people to take care of their children.

According to Chimoto, children who have grown up in a family can’t be compared to the ones that just linger around since the ones in a family grasp advices from parents that help them to be considerate and responsible.

“I want to urge all parents to send your children to school since that is where they will make their future. Don’t let them to be moving around. They can have MK10,000 but that can’t satisfy their lives forever.

“On girls, don’t let them to grow up alone. They can be lacking necessities and end up marrying at tender age. Marrying at such ages is bad since they are likely to suffer from Fistula among other challenges,” he added.



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